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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 1; Issue 5; August 1999

Lesson outlines

* Lesson 1 * Lesson 2

LESSON 1 - "I Live"

by Christine Frank, author of Challenge to Think, OUP

Level: Intermediate
Time: 20-30 minutes

Basically for tense revision, can possibly be used as an icebreaker



Lesson outline:

  1. On the board you write the following:

    I live
    I lived
    I was living
    I have lived
    I will be living
    I would have liked to live
    I would live
    I wish I lived
  2. Tell the students to complete these sentences. While they are writing go round and make sure they understand what each tense means. If it is a new group you can note down for your own purposes the grammatical forms that have to be revised.

  3. They pass the paper on to their neighbour who reads these sentences and puts a mark by those which arouse his/her interest and which he/she would like to know more about.

  4. Get them into pairs to exchange their ideas.

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LESSON 2 - "From Word to Word"

by Christine Frank, author of Challenge to Think, OUP

Level: Any level according to the vocabulary that you use
Time: 30 minutes

To recycle known vocabulary.


One copy of the frame below for each group of students.

Lesson outline:

  1. Tell the students to think of the word 'punishment' (or any other concept you want to revise).

  2. They have to list individually all the word associations that come into mind.

  3. Put the students into groups of two or three and give each group a copy of the frame below.

  4. They fill in the frame sharing their ideas. The problem is that the concept at the end must be derived from and so match two others.

    Image 1

  5. Put two groups together and let them compare and comment on the results.

  6. With a small class you can have a general discussion with each group justifying their choice of words.

The frame may be expanded or altered as shown in the following example:

Image 2

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