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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 1; Issue 8; December 1999



Beata Krzysztofiak (English Unlimited, Poland)

FAST TRACK to CAE is a new publication by Longman designed to be a leading coursebook for CAE courses. It is suited to the requirements of the new exam format and it comes across as successful in three main areas:

  • It is appropriate for use with other advanced courses
  • It seems relevant to the expectations of CAE students
  • It is a valuable source of material and an inspiration to CAE teachers

Fast Track to CAE appears to combine language practice with exam practice. Most materials are authentic and the exercises are set firmly within the context of English - speaking culture ( note also the variety of accents). The materials have been selected carefully with a good choice of pictures, which are also a good incentive for learning new vocabulary ( again wide - ranging) in context. There is wide coverage of all the exam skills together with excellent guidelines, both for the students and for the teacher.

Personally, I find the language bank sections an unsurpassed source of useful expressions and gambits for writing and speaking.

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