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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 5; Issue 2; March 03


The Skunk

Little Frank was taking an intelligence test and was given this situation:

A boy goes into a wood and comes close to a small animal. He gets home and his mother has to burn all his clothes.

The examiner could not understand why this problem seemed to floor Johnny. Up till this point he had answered everything quickly and well. But this problem seemed to really bother him. She decided to ask him what was going on in his head:

Well, he said, I just can't figure out why she should have to burn all his clothes, not just those he'd been wearing in the forest!


( sent in by Helle Follin, from Greenland)

Jane had just turned fifty and her best friend asked her:

So, what did your daughter give you for the big day, then?

Anti-wrinkle cream! Jane told her.

And what did she give you last year and the years before?

Jane did not reply right away:



( sent in by Debbie Smith, UK)

Two aerials meet on a roof, they fall in love and decide to get married.

The ceremony wasn't much good, but the reception was brilliant!

A fishy one

Two fish swim into a concrete wall

One turns to the other and says dam!

The Bathroom

(from La Barzelletta anticlericale)

Where does God live? the R.I. teacher asked Peter

In our bathroom, with my sister.

What makes you think that, Peter, asked the teacher, amazed.

That must be where he lives because, every morning, when my sister has been in the bathroom for around an hour, my Dad goes hammering on the door and shouts: " God are you still there?"

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