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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 4; Issue 6; November 02

Lesson outlines

As if we were Christmas Trees !
Learning parts of the body

by Valérie Fontaine et Alain Moreau, Dutch teachers, I.E.P.S.C.F.-Uccle
Email : philippe.biava@busmail.com

Level  : beginner to intermediate

Time : 5-10 minutes in four different sessions

Materials : post-it notes, photocopies

Focus : vocabulary

These short activities are done in different sessions to teach and help memorise the vocabulary used to describe the different parts of the human body.

Session one : the teacher points at different parts of his/her body and says the corresponding words. The students are not allowed to take notes .They try to remember the maximum number of words.

Session two : Group work. Some students play the role of models. The others receive piles of post-it notes with the words of the different parts of the body. The task consists of sticking the post-it notes on the bodies of their models in the appropriate places (which transforms them into funny Christmas trees !)
For correction, they receive a photocopy with the drawing of a body + vocabulary.

Session three : As the teacher – and then a student – shouts the words of various parts of the body, the students, standing in pairs face to face, must show them to each other, as quickly as possible.

Session four : Pictionary game in 4 teams. A word is shown to one representative of each team and one person from rach team runs to the blackboard where they draw the body part for thei team to guess.