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October 2020 - Year 22 - Issue 5

ISSN 1755-9715

To the Editor

Letter 1

Dear Hania

Your work on HLT has been a godsend to hundreds of EFL professionals around the world to get their ideas out there to a peer audience keen to support and learn from far flung colleagues. Your magazine has been the lifeline of Pilgrims values during a time when the Hilltop has suffered disruption in a world moving both headlong into change brought on by COVID and indifferent to those don’t seek to understand that change. I hope Pilgrims finds its way through the many impacts of COVID because the world will always need such a community of best practices. That way in part found in practices and challenges shared and added to in this HLT space.

Your grief is inescapable even necessary, your work not refuge but a place where your heart thrives and offers space for optimism and change within the teaching world.

I liked very much Jonathan’s take. A short story about Paul, DeLillo-like, about the relational world according to Paul. Where indeed would we be in teaching without the simple elegance of innovation at the heart of Dictations That Work.

Be well and safe

Rick Cooper


Letter 2

Dear Hania

Thank you for yet another edition of the HLT magazine and the inspiring work in the world of ELT. It's been with us for years and may it long continue!

I also want to express my deepest sympathy on your personal loss. Very sorry for your loss - these are always challenging times to get through when we lose someone dear - may your faith, love and happy memories carry your through.

I met Paul and Mario years ago at one of the workshops for teachers - happy times.


Wishing you peace, joy and hope.

With love and best wishes

Moc serdeczności

Beata Barker


Letter 3

Dear Hania,

I am writing this email to congratulate you in your success with Flora Debora Floris in publishing the August issue 2020 in Humanising Language Teaching. This issue does portray a variety of ELT discussions in Indonesia, including one is mine entitled "Learning from the past: Self-reflections of Indonesian pre-service English teachers".


Thank you,

M. Faruq Ubaidillah


Letter 4

Hi Hania,

I distributed link to the new issue of HLT Aug 2020 inside GISIG and also in BETA FB in Bulgaria.  It will be appreciated I'm sure.

One question I wonder about is TEFLIN in Indonesia (, and whether mentioned in any article in the new issue of HLT.  It is not an affiliate of IATEFL or an Associate of TESOL, Inc.  Yet TEFLIN is one of the largest TAs in ELT on the planet and most certainly in SE Asia. You've done a good job in getting a multitude of Indonesian
colleagues to write in this issue. I imagine many are TEFLIN members. But is there some reason to your knowledge why TEFLIN is not connected with IATEFL. Maybe it was in the past.

Incidentally, a disturbing trend is clearly underway:  the number of TAs connected as Associates to IATEFL has fallen to 97 as of August 2020 (as listed in the current July/August 2020 VOICES), the lowest in a no of years. There seems to be some sort of taboo in discussing this disappearing of TAs as Associates. And also a taboo on addressing the
extremely low membership locally in many. BETA here in BG, down to some 80 members or less, has gone now for a great many months into a kind of near total hibernation, perhaps on the verge of imploding. Long before corona hit the fans.

The bimontjhly BETA Newsletter (6x annually) is now nearly a year behind in its schedule, in part maybe due to mismanagement and likewise a lack of articles. Comm. members don't even reply to my queries, and I was very connected with the former Comm. (which is I
know dismayed, colleagues like Zarina Markova in Blagoevgrad). I fear various TAs in some countries may be going the way of the TEA in Austria, total collapse. In 2017 there were ca. 130 Associates connected with IATEFL, sic transit ... An issue that needs solid open
in-depth research inside the profession, not silencing.

Take care

Bill Templer


Letter 5

Let’s look at the clouds that go by

and ask them to learn from the sky

Why do so many people die

When the terrible virus to overcome they try?

Lets ask the clouds to explain how

 we should keep our expectations high

and rather than only cry

tell our Faith: away dont fly

Lets learn humbly to sigh

when clouds greet us from the


That is a blessing: find out now!



Lesrning face to face is unique.

Interaction emotions are felt


Facial expressions are exchanged creatively

Eye to eye contact is realized


Interactants can  dignify what they

say through a positive vocabula

Face to face Education enhances real Humanization



The world is changing

The world is changing

There is a deeper, painful transformation

On the devastating pandemic ls there much reliable disease-preventive, life-saving information?

The world is changing

More effective global interdependence governments

should be exchanging

May health professionals everywhere be educated to more effectively perform

so the quality of Life on Earth

those Health-improving citizens

will be able to reform

The world is changing

Have we been cooperative, dignifying agents of health 


May this be a Plea bringing closer you and me


Francisco Cardoso Gomes de Matos

ABA Global Education, Recife. Brazil


Letter 6

Dear Hania,

Hope you’re well and many thanks for all your support. Please find below the links to the news published regarding the June issue of the HLT magazine.

Website of the Ministry of Education in Cuba (Basic Education)               

Website of the Ministry oh Higher Education in Cuba

National daily newspaper Juventud Rebelde, digital edition

The news was also broadcasted through the national radio stations Radio Progreso and Radio Rebelde.

Best regards,

Olga Díaz Ruiz | Comms Officer

British Council | British Embassy | 7ma y 34 #702, Miramar | La Habana | 11 300 | Cuba


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