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April 2018 - Year 20; Issue 2

ISSN 1755-9715

Lesson Outlines

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  • A Personalized Conversation Puzzle
    Aned Muñiz, California and Puerto Rico, United States of Americ

  • Breaking the Ice: A Lesson Plan to Help EFL College and University Students Overcome Anxiety
    Mark Mallinder, Taiwan

  • Creativity in My Classroom
    Martina Kobal, Slovenia

  • If You Seek Gamey - A Receptive Skills Based Lesson Focusing on Listening
    Robin Usher, Saudi Arabia

  • Teaching Profanity in the Foreign Language Classroom
    Steve Mullen, Canada

  • The Giving Tree Gave to Me…
    Angeliki Voreopoulou, Greece

  • Traditions and Customs of Great Steppe
    Zaure Kulchikenova, Kazakhstan

  • What’s the WeathART Like?
    Elisa Bertoldi, Italy