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February 2020 - Year 22 - Issue 1

ISSN 1755-9715

To the Editor

Letter 1

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you are having a wonderful day.

We would kindly like to invite your institution to participate in the upcoming spring EBBS events (Bulgaria - Greece):
•    International fair “Education Beyond Borders”, Bulgaria, Sofia, National Palace of Culture, March 13 – 14, 2020 (international student fair)
•    EBBS Education Conference & Agent Workshop, Greece, Thessaloniki, March 16 – 18, 2020 (student recruitment agents at a networking event)



•    EBBS Students Fairs & EBBS Agent workshops
Meet your students and your new agents in Bulgaria and Greece!
This spring we are going to organize our EBBS student fair in Sofia and The EBBS Agent workshop in Greece. Both events will provide you with a chance to meet thousands of students at the fair in Sofia and to find new business partners through the EBBS Education networking event in Greece.
You can find out more details on the links below:
•    Information about the student fair in Sofia
•    Information about the EBBS workshop in Greece
•    Dates and places (2020-2021)
•    Prices
•    Sponsor packages
Join us at our leading student fair in Bulgaria and the EBBS education agent networking event in Greece. Meet potential students and make new partnerships with education consultants in two amazing destinations.
Find out many comments from educators and agents and see why it is a must-visited event in March.
Make your registration as soon as possible.
Reserve your spot today.


We expect participants from more than 25 different countries in March 2020.

» Government and non-profit institutions responsible for the promotion of study destinations

» Educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities, vocational schools, boarding and language schools, and others)

» Agents from across Europe, Russian-speaking countries, Asia, and Africa

» Education professionals who wish to improve their international contacts and strengthen brand recognition in the world education sector

» Educational experts interested in globalization and internationalization

» Service providers of services for international students which are offered by education institutions or education agents

EBBS Fairs & Workshops/ DATES AND PLACES

With kind regards from beautiful Sofia and best wishes for the new year.

Elina Louise Biery
Senior Event Manager


Letter 2

At last. At least one reason to study grammar students found it interesting 
Marta Rosińska

You can read more here.

Letter 3

Hi  Hania,

Hope All is Well.

Find attached  information about the oldest game Assyk. I think it'll  be interesting for teachers.

Best wishes,
Zaure Kulchikenova
Assyk -  the oldest  game of nomads

1.    In this   picture   you can   see   Assyks  (Aljchiki).  Assyk is a  bone  from  a sheep  or  ram’s  knee – joint, which  as a rule  is  coloured in  different  coloures.  Depending   on its   size   assyk   has  different  value. One   of   the   favourite   entertainments   of  kazakh  children remains  a traditional game  Assyk.
Besides every participant of the game must have his own   bitok ( saka).  The aim  of the game is that  throwing  his  own  bitok to beat  out  assyks of the  playing  participants  put  with  a round.  That,  who managers to do it  takes the  beaten  out  assyk  for  himself. The  game  continues  till assyks  remain  on the  kitty.

2.    Youtube  Kazakh  traditional  Assyk    games 
3.    Assyk  game  helps develop  cognitive and  physical  skills, promoting  friendship and rapprochement  of cultures regardless of ethnicity among  the  younger  generation.  As a symbol  of  childhood,  the game plays  an important  role in  strengthening  the  social  cohesion of the Kazakh people and  creating  a sense  of unity  and  identity.
During the 12th session  of the UNESCO  Intergovernmental  Committee for Safeguarding  of the  Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH)  Kazakhstans  “ Kazakh  traditional  game  Assyk”  was  entered on the ICH  Representative  list.

1.    Kazakhstan,  Culture, UNESCO, game  2017 December
2.     Youtube  Kazakh traditional Assyk games UNESCO 2017
3.      Photo  Z. Kulchikenova’s  home collection of  assyks  2019
 Zaure  Kulchikenova     Email:


Letter 4

As 2020 starts

How are human hearts?

To Global Peace are they committed?

To the Land of Dignity are all persons admitted?

Will people everywhere treat each other well?

About spiritual improvement

What will religious leaders tell?

As 2020 starts

Who will play peacebuilding parts?

Will violence be effectively reduced?

Will a global sustainable Peace be educationally produced?


Francisco Gomes de Matos,

a peace linguist, Recife , Brazil


Letter 5

Hi Hania,

I'm following up on my colleague Sophie's email regarding the launch of 'Epic Word Adventure', the educational mobile game from Mrs Wordsmith. If you're interested in covering the story, we have images available, as well as the possibility of setting up a try-out of the app for you? We could also potentially offer additional comment from founder Sofia Fenichell. I've popped the introduction and press release below again for ease. Do let me know if you're interested!

'Epic Word Adventure' from multimedia publisher Mrs Wordsmith is a game parents will actually want their kids playing. A word game like no other, this app helps kids learn the words that will increase their reading age and help them ace their exams, all while completing epic missions and mastering cool scooter tricks. Parents can hand-pick the word playlist that their child needs - and the game does the rest.

'Epic Word Adventure' has been developed by a crack team of experts, including members of the teams behind 'Call of Duty' and 'Subway Surfers'. It's also powered by AI and backed by data scientists and word-leading specialist academics from the UK's top universities.

The embargo on 'Epic Word Adventure' lifts next Monday, 16th December.

Best wishes,



Letter 6

Dear Hania,
Here is a piece of news about HLT studies and practices in Japan. I started a study-group in the field of Humanistic Language Teaching with about 20 English teachers in Japan. We are holding our 2nd meeting on 22 March this year. We will be very happy if you will kindly carry the meeting information on your magazine. I am attaching the schedule on this mail.
We have our webpage at :
Thank you very much for your interest. I will keep in touch with you.
Best Wishes,
Takashi Miura
President, Humanistic English Education Study Group Japan
Humanistic English Education Study Group 2nd Meeting
Date: March 22, Sun. 10:30-16:20
Site: JICA Chubu Nagoya Chikyu Hiroba Seminar Room B1~B3
Fee: 1,000 yen (venue and printing cost)
Participation: Open to anybody interested in English education with emphasis on nourishing humanity

10:30 Opening
10:40~11:30 Presentation -1 'Report from the discussion at English Teachers' Forum'. Hidehiko Inaba (Junior High School, Shizuoka-ken)
11:40~12:30 Presentation - 2 'Practice of Expressing Activities for Nourishing Students Humanity'. Hiroyuki Ishii (Kanagawa Prefect. Yokosuka-Ohtsu S.H.S)
12:30~13:20 Lunch break
13:20~15:00 Lecture 'Person-centered Approach: Its Essence and the Contemporary Significance' by Professor Masayoshi Sakanaka, Nanzan University     
15:00~15:50 Presentation - 3 'A Practice of SDGs at S.H.S  Using Soft CLIL for Nurturing Global Citizens'.  Koji Yamamoto (Aichi Pref. S.H.S) and Aya Yanagida (Ohka Gakuen Univ.) 
16:00~16:20 Business Meeting
16:20  Closing


Letter 7

Welcome to your Pavilion ELT newsletter
In this instalment we bring you three new blogs from English Teaching professional's Chiara Bruzzano, Modern English Teacher's David Dogdson, and Pavilion ELT blogger Gerhard Erasmus.

New from English Teaching professional
Blog - Unexpected twists and turns: giving 
spontaneous interaction a try
As teachers, we are trained to plan our classes and, especially when we’re new to the job, sticking to our lesson plan seems vital. But what happens when students interrupt the class you had so thoughtfully planned and take the conversation onto a completely new and unpredictable path? English Teaching professional''s Chiara Bruzzano reflects on the benefits and drawbacks of relinquishing some control and deviating from the lesson plan to allow for spontaneous student interaction in the classroom.
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New from Modern English Teacher
Blog - 20 Things I’ve Realised in 20 Years of   

20 years is a long time in English Language Teaching. To mark two decades since taking his Trinity Cert TESOL, Modern English Teacher's blogger David Dodgson shares 20 ideas and reflections he has had in that time. From the need to experiment and reflect to the importance of considering different points of view and challenging established ideas, whilst not forgetting some classroom basics, he has compiled a thought-provoking list. What would you add?
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New from Pavilion ELT
Blog - Road to management – Is there a map,    
Pavilion ELT blogger Gerhard Erasmus aims to help future and current managers develop their own road map to help them develop the skills and expertise needed to transition effectively into management. This post looks at skills that teachers have developed that can transfer into management, qualifications that can support the development of management skills, and how to utilise your current role as a teacher to develop the skills you will need as a manager.
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Coming soon! ETpedia Teacher Training
500 ideas for teacher training in English language teaching
by Beth Melia-Leigh and Nicholas Northall
Suitable for both new and experienced teacher trainers working in a variety of contexts, each unit of 10 tips is easy to use and will aid or inspire you whether you are dipping in for a quick idea or looking for more comprehensive guidance.
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