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February 2020 - Year 22 - Issue 1

ISSN 1755-9715


  1. Editorial
  2. Pilgrims News
    1. Remembering Jim  Wright, Principal of Pilgrims
    2. The Simon Greenall Award
  3. Various Articles - Vocabulary/ metaphor/mediation
    1. Teaching Metaphors in Indian English Classroom, Baburam Upadhaya, India
    2. Translation as a Mediation Strategy in the Teaching and Learning Foreign  Languages: Case of the French - Arabic Translation, Mohamed Gacemi and Azzeddine Bencherab, Algeria
  4. Various Articles - Reading
    1. Small Versus Whole Group Reading Instruction in an Elementary Reading Classroom, Kelsey Martinez and Linda Plevyak, US
  5. Various Articles - Speaking
    1. Does Conversational Interaction Really Matter?, Ali Maskari, United Arab Emirates
    2. Constructing Conversations: The Viability of Student-centered Pedagogy in Confucian Heritage EFL Classrooms, Ian Roth, Japan
  6. Various Articles - Writing
    1. Creative Writing in an Erasmus+ Project : A Teaching Paradigm, Dimitra Patapiou Mytaki, Greece
  7. Various Articles - Testing
    1. Tips for Cambridge Exam Preparation: How to Keep the Focus on Learning and Learners, Matt Adams and Ethan Mansur, Spain
  8. Various Articles - Literature/Film
    1. The Effectiveness of Using Film Extracts in Literature Classes, Raluca Sarghie, Romania
  9. Various Articles - Translation/ Mediation
    1. The Present Teaching Situation of Consecutive Interpretation Courses for Undergraduate Translation Majors Exemplified by Taiyuan Normal University in Shanxi Province, Ji Lingzhu, P.R. China
  10. Various Articles - Projects
    1. My Trip with the Children of The Hands Up Project, Adrian Underhill, UK
  11. Various Articles - General
    1. Rethinking Language Teacher Training and Professional Development, Maria Heron, Alan Maley and Rod Bolitho, UK
    2. ELT Today: Action, Motivation, Effectiveness,  Mariya Neykova, Bulgaria
    3. Empowering the Language Learner Through Language Coaching in a Workplace Environment, Gabriella Kovács, Hungary
    4. Organic Learning And Its Place In The ESL Classroom, Mark J Stoneburgh, Canada and Anthony Page, UK
    5. Fears and Worries of Future CLIL Teachers: Methodology Course Design, Ian Michael Robinson, Italy
  12. 21st Century Skills
    1. How Do We Teach 21st Century Skills in Classrooms, Melisa Marzett, US
    2. Which Aspects in a CLIL Class Can help Students Become Plurilingual and Pluricultural Communicators ?: An Erasmus+ Paradigm, Konstantina  Zavalari, Greece
  13. Lesson Ideas
    1. Maximizing Speaking Opportunities with Mastermind Topics, Hall Houston, Taiwan
    2. Let’s Build a Tent and Learn, Joanna Czeredys, Poland
    3. Using Movies in Teaching Creative Writing to EFL Student, Zeineb Haider, Libya
  14. Golden Classics
    1. Introducing Brain Gym Into Language Classes, Maja-Barbara Kokot, Slovenia
  15. The Creativity Group
    1. Interview for the C Group Website, Jim Wright, late Principal of Pilgrims, and Chaz Pugliese, France
    2. Any Way the Wind Blows, Doesn’t Really Matter to Me, Danny Singh, Italy
    3. The Plague of Eyam Village: Writing and Illustrating for BBC TV 1966 to 1969, Andrew Wright, Hungary
  16. Voices
    1. Michael Lewis Tribute, Leo Selivan, Israel, and Ken Lackman, UK
  17. Publications
    1. Book Review: Creating an Inclusive School Environment, Marina Marinova, Germany
    2. Short Book Reviews, Hanna Kryszewska, Poland
    3. Leading Multimedia and Electronic Publisher Mrs Wordsmith Launches Interactive Video Game to Improve Children’s Vocabulary  
    4. Tune into English, Fergal Kavanagh, Italy
    5. To the Pedagogical Activists of the World
  18. Humour
    1. Testing Times: Special Edition Christmas 2019, Geoff Tranter, Germany
  19. Poems 
    1. 2019, Mija Selič, Slovenia
    2. Life's a Poem, Carol Griffiths, New Zealand
    3. Poems, Phuong Le, Vietnam
  20. To the Editor
  21. Our Partners
  22. Contributor’s Guidelines