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February 2020 - Year 22 - Issue 1

ISSN 1755-9715


Let Me Forget

Let me forget that we shared great memories. 

Let me forget that you once made me believe.

Let me forget that our life was happy.

Let me forget that I was so naive.

Let me forget that love wasn’t what it seemed to me.


Let me forget for I don’t want to remember.

I don’t want to remember what I’ve discovered.

I don’t want to remember you’ve had another.

I don’t want to remember you’re just an actor.

I don’t want to remember what I have to suffer.


Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day,

Students say thanks to teachers.

Children say thanks to parents.

Husbands say thanks to their wives.

Old people say thanks to God.


On Thanksgiving Day,

Patients give thanks to doctors.

Staff give thanks to their boss. 

Friends give thanks to each other.

Shops give thanks to customers.


On Thanksgiving Day,

People smile and send greetings.

People nurture sweet feelings.

People find life exciting.

Like a flower is blooming.


On Thanksgiving Day,

Our only son passed away

Before he had his final say.

Who should we say “Thank you” to?

Can you tell us what we should do?


What Is There?

What is there on small winding roads

That smell of fields and dinner smoke?

That, year in year out, sing the same notes?

What is there in those rooster sounds

 Telling the folks the time is now

 To start the day milking the cows?


What is there in local coffee shops

Where all daily work seems to stop

And heartbeats rhyme with soccer shots?

What is there in such trivial things

That seem to have no deep meanings.

Yet still bring back long-cherished feelings?


What is there in sultry summer days

When time enjoys its slower pace,

Whose impressions do not fade away?

What could make life seem stagnant

And could be easily forgotten,

Lingers on as an obsession.


There is nothing exceptional.

There is nothing one can extol.

But that ‘nothing’ nurtures my love.

That nothingness comforts my soul.


To Our Dear Son

Life has a lot of changes.

Just as weather can be cold or hot.

Just as nights can be short or long.

Just as days can be happy or sad.


But we want to let you know.

You’re always our most beloved.

You remain in our thoughts and souls.

An inseparable part of our life.


Our love for you is immeasurable.

A truth that stands the test of time.

This will never change.


You and I

We met as strangers

On that stormy day,

A destined voyage.



You – a seafaring man,

Exploring new lands

With zest and joy.

Me - a depressed boy,

Struggling for life,

In serious despair.


We had some exchange.

Brief yet truly deep.

Then we said goodbye,

In tears and with warm hugs.

Yesterday we met.

Cheerful long-lost friends.

You- a white-haired man,

Me - a greyish fellow.

Our hearts leaped up for joy.

Our wildest dream come true.


Laughter and stories

Ran on endlessly.

On that moonlit night

Our destiny smiled.

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