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June 2024 - Year 26 - Issue 3

ISSN 1755-9715

Contributor's Guidelines

1. The format of articles submitted for publication


Word Document


open file so that editorial changes can be introduced, NOT for viewing only or pdf


Times New Roman


single spaced

The Article


bold font 14 , e.g. Books for Young Learners

Author/s and country

bold font 12, e.g. John  Smith, Ireland

Bio data


of the author/all the authors – up to 6 lines written in the third person + possibly e-mail address if the author/s agree - plain font 12, e.g.


XYZ is a teacher at............. S/he is interested in. She.heas written / has co-written. Current professional interests are. Enjoys working with.............. E-mail: ................

NOTE. No personal information or interests

If you wish you can add a photo’ neutral ‘ under the biodata

section headings

bold font 12 e.g. Introduction, Research findings

main body of article

plain font 12


do not indent, leave a free line between paragraphs

References                 plain font 12 e.g.

name, initials, (year) Title /underlined/ OR Title/italics/, publisher, if applicable pages pp

(for guidance and example  see e.g.:


Do not put in any links to social media anywhere.  



Articles not shorter than 1 page, not longer than 18 pages, you can always divide into 2.

Voices, lesson plans or reviews can follow relaxed format/length as long as you stick to the general outlines.


  • there is no strict word limit as this is an website magazine and space/columns are not a problem
  • do not use footnotes
  • if in doubt look up sample articles on the website or contact the Editor

2. Other useful information

  • We can publish images – please embed them in the text, but make sure you have the right to use them.
  • Do not weave text around images.
  • We can put in links to films and other online materials.
  • Your article can be linked to a website of your choice or recommendation.
  • We can put in a banner of your school, publication/s, website link in the issue in which you publish an article. More frequent appearances of the banner to be negotiated with the Editor. It is best if you provide the banner in the form you want it to appear on the website.
  • You can promote your website or your publications through your articles. Note HLT does not publish advertising.
  • We cannot guarantee that if you submit an article it will be published in HLT, but we will do our best to advise you.
  • It is up to the Editor to decide in which issue your article will be included, depending on the general theme of the whole issue. Sometimes an article may be movet to an earlier or later issue.
  • The Editor has the right to introduce editorial changes regarding language or layout (to comply in-house style).
  • The Editor can suggest content changes or improvements.
  • Generally, HLT does not publish any advertising.
  • Permission to reprint articles published in HLT can be negotiated with the Editor, nut so far there has never been a ‘no’.

Send your text as an email attachment to:

Hania (Hanna) Kryszewska
HLT Editor