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April 2024 - Year 26 - Issue 2

ISSN 1755-9715



Celebrating 25 years of HLT

  1. Congratulations to HLT Magazine, Till Gins, Lead Officer, Pilgrims
  2. Happy 25th Birthday to Pilgrims Humanising Language Teaching from the Pilgrims Teacher Trainer Journal, Phil Dexter, UK
  3. Down the Memory Lane, Hanna (Hania) Kryszewska, Poland
  4. Humanism in Language Teaching: Roots and Practices, Rod Bolitho, UK
  5. Humanizing the Teacher, Carol Griffiths, New Zealand

Various Articles - ELT News

  1. Pilgrims News: Pilgrims Courses for Children & Teenagers, Leah Luke, Principal of Pilgrims
  2. Conference: INNOVATE ELT 2024, 25th and 26th May 2024 | Oxford TEFL, Barcelona, Spain
  3. Online Interactive Festival of English Language Teaching from Pavilion ELT : Is the future perfect? 21st-23d May
  4. Host Leadership Gathering, 3-4 June, 2024, Sofia, Bulgaria
  5. X PASE Language Congress 2024: Embracing the Future, May 11 - 12, 2024. Warsaw, Poland

Various Articles - Approaches

  1. Using Themes to Increase Language Learning Interest in a Casual Environment, Pak Man Au, Canada
  2. Implementing Flipped Classroom to Improve Air Traffic Controllers’ (ATCOs) English Language Competence, Dora Mirta Troitiño Díaz, Cuba
  3. Teaching: Science, Art or Philosophy?, Michael Tooke, Italy

Various Articles - The Teaching Profession

  1. Lessons Learned Teaching Abroad Part 2, Stephen Mullen, Canada/Czech Republic
  2. Class Interview with Susana Ibáñez, an Argentinian ELT Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Journal Editor, Writer and Literary Workshop Instructor, Vanesa Polastri, Argentina

Various Articles - Eco Issues

  1. Global Ecological Collapse and the Power of Teachers, Alan Maley, UK

21st Century Skills

  1. Having AI as an Assistant in Oral Presentation Skills Practices, Duangjaichanok Pansa, Thailand
  2. Adaptive Learning: Language Education with Artificial Intelligence, Sam Bowman, US

Lesson Ideas

  1. Coaching Spoken and Written Performance with ESL Learners, Emmanuelle Betham, UK

Golden Classics

  1. Drama Part 1: Improvisation-based Activities for Language Learning Classes. Physical exercises, Peter Dyer, Paris, France

The Creativity Group

  1. Making Stories, Andrew Wright, Hungary and UK
  2. If I Must Die by Refaat Alareer in Many Voices and Languages - An Invitation, Haneen Jadallah, Palestine/ UK, and David Heathfield UK


  1. Scotland vs The English, Danny Singh, Italy


  1. 101 EFL Activities for Teaching University Students by Hall Houston, reviewed by James Taylor, US


  1. Anniversary Humour: Turning 25


  1. Words, Alan Maley, UK

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