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December 2021 - Year 23 - Issue 6

ISSN 1755-9715

In Seventh Heaven

Tamara Bradonjic was born in 1981 in Kragujevac, Serbia. She graduated in English language and literature from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade in 2005. Besides being a teacher, she is also trained as a translator in the Association of Scientific and Technical Translators of Serbia. She has been teaching for 16 years at a primary school “Milan Blagojevic” in Natalinci. In her work, she combines various techniques, such as working with two or more classes at the same time. Translation is her hobby, especially translating legal and economic documents for university professors. Teaching is learning, and teaching children should motivate us to be learners at the same time. Her other hobbies are listening to music, reading books and writing poetry.


In Seventh Heaven


The moment I set my eyes on you first

there's nothing to quench my thirst

my life no longer knows for equality

it's you who makes sense of my reality.


Very frequently you come to my dreams

it looks quite unreal still it seems

that only you can make me happy

close to you, I will never feel lonely.


       Only you are present in my heart

who knows whether that’s      so smart

but I believe you are my destiny

in my mind, we'll reach eternity.


You're the bright star shining  only for me

yours are the eyes through which mine see

all the beauties of earthly existence

with you in my heart I reject evanescence     .


     Feels like the universe is in your smile

hold me close, never again will I cry

you are the golden mirror of my soul

guidance      in my life and its only role.


Kiss me tenderly, coldness will melt away

I love you more and more day by day

there are so many words I'd like to say

but I'm giving you my love, come what may.

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