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December 2022 - Year 24 - Issue 6

ISSN 1755-9715

Christmas Fun: Nativity Scenes

Hanna Kryszewska is a teacher, teacher trainer, trainer of trainers. She is a senior lecturer at the University of Gdańsk, Poland. She is co-author of resource books: Options for English, PWSiP, Reading on Your Own, PWN, Learner Based Teaching, OUP, Towards Teaching, Heinemann, The Standby Book, CUP, Language Activities for Teenagers, CUP, The Company Words Keep, DELTA Publishing, and a course book series for secondary schools: ForMat, Macmillan. She is also co-author of a video-based teacher training course: Observing English Lessons, Early English Kit – Methodology Guide, OUP, and online courses for Orient Black Swan on 21st Century Skills and Teaching the whole person: Humanising language teaching. She is a Pilgrims trainer, a trainer on University of Oxford summer schools for teachers (OTA, OTA Masterclass and ELTSS) and for the past 16 years she had been editor of HLT online magazine.


1 When you go online you can find a variety of nativity scenes made for example with face masks, peanuts or cheese. Show the pictures to the students.




2  Have the students name what they can see in each scene e.g. sheep, baby, stable etc.

3 Ask the students to work in pairs and suggest an art form, materials or medium e.g. Lego, MMS or toothpicks.

4 Write each one on a slip of paper and put them into a hat.

5 Redistribute the slips. In the next class students make a nativity scene with the materials they have drawn from the hat.

6 Have an exhibition of nativity scenes in class and ask the students to name what they can see I n each of them.


Please check the Pilgrims f2f courses at Pilgrims website.

Please check the Pilgrims online courses at Pilgrims website.

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