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December 2022 - Year 24 - Issue 6

ISSN 1755-9715

Cuisenaire Rods Today

John Hughes is an author and trainer. With over 50 published titles, his course series include 'Life' (National Geographic Learning) and 'Business Result' (Oxford University Press). He is also the originator and series editor of the 'ETpedia' resource seires (Pavilion ELT). His website is and email is With Kath Bilsborough, he is also launching a new course in 2023 on how to write your own ELT materials; visit for details.



In December 2021 HLT published an article Remembering Cuisenaire Rods by Hanna Kryszewska. It  remembered using Cuisenaire Rods and the final request was: If you have any ideas please get in touch and write about it for HLT.



A response came from John Hughes in the following form:

Hi Hania

I read your article in HLT and made this..,




The video looks at the following areas:

Introduction 00 -1.25

Colours and numbers 1.26 - 2.10

Telling the time 2.11 - 2.55

Personalisation: Where are you from?  2.56 - 3.45

Word stress inspired by Adrian Underhill 3.45 - 4.30

Representation: map of a city (vocabulary, prepositions, giving directions) 4.30 - 7.12

Storytelling 7.13 - 8.34

Adverbs of frequency 8.35 - 9.11

Business English 9.12 - 10.44


Teacher training 10.46 - 12.58

Parting word 12.59 - 13.11


Please check the Pilgrims f2f courses at Pilgrims website.

Please check the Pilgrims online courses at Pilgrims website.

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