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Feb 2019 - Year 21 - Issue 1

ISSN 1755-9715

C Group Presenters at IATEFL Liverpool, 2019

(according to the Preview Brochure)


PCEs, 1st April

  • Learning Technologies
  • Russell Stannard - What can technology do for assessment and feedback


  • Literature & Materials Writing:
  • Christina Klein Wolf (and Eduardo Wolf) - Shakespeare for language and literature students: choosing extracts, designing
  • Alan Pulverness - BritLit: Teachers doing it for themselves


  • Young Learners and Teenagers:
  • Hendrik Dirk Lagerwaard - Making English Your Own: Developing ELF-Aware Lower Secondary Students


  • Learner Autonomy:
  • Rose Aylett - Hands tied or hands-free? Using constraints creatively in teacher development (Poster)




  • Tania Pattison - How to write successfully for IATEFL Conference Selections (Wednesday)
  • Daniel Xerri - How to reflect on research talks at the conference (Wednesday)



  • The C Group Meeting (probably on Tuesday)
  • Andrew Wright and David Heathfield – Sharing Stories (Wednesday)
  • Tessa Woodward - The Fair List, UK (Wednesday)


TUESDAY, 2nd April

  • Stefania Ballotto - The four acts of language - statement, question, exclamation, command
  • Malu Sciamarelli – Children’s books are never just for children
  • Vera Cabrera Duarte - Through the tunnel: a way into significant learning
  • Rachel Harris - How to develop positive discipline with teens and young learners
  • Harry Kuchah and Amol Padwad (with Richard Smith, Rama Mathew, Prem Bahadur Phyak) - Teacher agency and English language teaching in difficult circumstances
  • Fiona Mauchline - 10 tips to make vocabulary accessible to all your students
  • Sarah Mercer (with Elena Oncevska Ager) - Drawing on positive psychology to support language teacher well-being
  • Paul Seligson - Playful - yet purposeful - reading
  • Adrian Underhill - Creating contexts for learners' self-expression
  • Tessa Woodward - Been teaching and teacher training for a long time?
  • Beatrix Price - Vision and mission in English language teachers’ associations (part of the Forum on Teachers’ Associations)
  • Hendrik Dirk Lagerwaard (The C Group Scholar) - Through others we become ourselves: agency in the secondary classroom
  • Harisimaran Singh Sandhu - Spaced Repetition Systems: the neuroscientific approach to vocabulary acquisition


WEDNESDAY, 3rd April

  • Danny Norrington-Davies (with Nick Andon) - How do experienced teachers deal with emergent language?
  • Marcela Cintra - Developing professionalism in ELT to boost language learning
  • Robert Hill - Asking the right questions: making and choosing effective after-reading activities
  • Hanna Kryszewska - From communication to mediation in B1+ language classes
  • Letizia Cinganotto (with Heike Philp) - GUINEVERE - learn a language through games in virtual worlds
  • Carol Read - Promoting high-quality thinking in the early years
  • Marjorie Rosenberg - Adding spice to the mix in the business English classroom
  • Motikala Subba Dewan - EMI: additional input for ESL development in rural Nepal
  • Brian Tomlinson - Performing the coursebook
  • Efi Tzouri - Utilizing performance art to empower social justice in refugee groups
  • David Valente - "I’m not in my coursebooks" - hidden identities and silenced voices”
  • Daniele Xerri (with Odette Vassallo) - Assessing teacher discourse in a spoken English proficiency test
  • Chris Walkett - With a little help from my (ELT) friends
  • Andrew Wright - Useful ways of using stories and poems you find
  • Forum on Rethinking language teacher training and development:
    • Rob Bolito - Teachers' decision-making about training and development
    • Maria Heron - Are CELTA and Delta the end of the road?
    • Alan Maley - Developing expertise through experience
  • Rose Aylett - Hands tied or hands-free? Using constraints creatively in teacher development



THURSDAY, 4rd April

  • Aleksandra Zaparucha – PLENARY: Under one roof: considerations on integrating content and language
  • Jen Dobson - Integrating soft skills in materials for early years
  • Kieran Donaghy - Maximising the language learning of senior learners
  • Jill Hadfield - How to create interactive online tasks
  • David Heathfield - Storytelling includes and supports Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic learners
  • Jana Jilkova - CMC: the power of curiosity, motivation and creativity
  • Amos Paran - CPD through MOOCs: what teachers implement in their classrooms


FRIDAY, 5rd April

  • Amol Padwad (with Katherine Bilsborough, Evan Frendo, Mercedes Viola) – PLENARY: Future directions in ELT: where are we headed?
  • Sue Leather - Equal voices in ELT: expanding our horizons
  • Tania Pattison - Writing EAP speaking materials: ten principles
  • Chaz Pugliese - For goodness' sake do things differently next Monday morning!
  • Alan Pulverness - Back to the future: the postmethod condition revisited
  • Geoff Tranter - Bias - discrimination - preconceived ideas - prejudice: a topic for language classes?
  • Tom Kiddle - Choosing an online teacher development course with confidence (part of the Forum on Online professional development)


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