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Feb 2019 - Year 21 - Issue 1

ISSN 1755-9715




Pilgrims News

1 20 Years of HLT, Jim Wright, Principal of Pilgrims, UK

2 Native Vs Non-native Debate at IATEFL Poland, Wrocław 2018, collected and edited by Hanna Kryszewska, Poland

3 Conferences


Various Articles

Humanism today

1 Humanism is Alive and Well, Alan Maley, UK

2 The Human Face of Language Learning: A Complex/Dynamic Perspective, Carol Griffiths, New Zealand and UK

3 The “Hidden” Humanistic Teachers: Rudolph Steiner’s Followers in the Waldorf Schools Round the World, Mario Rinvolucri, UK

4. Empathy as a Source of Motivation in Language Learning and Language Teaching, Csilla Jaray-Benn, France



6 How Do We Embrace Change?, Malu Sciamarelli, Brazil

5 Values and Beliefs: Constants in a Changing World, Rod Bolitho, UK


Trends – something old, something new

7 The What, Why and How of CLIL for English Teachers, Aleksandra Zaparucha, Poland

8 Stories: Their Importance In and Out of the Classroom, Andrew Wright, Hungary

9 You Are Never Too Old to Learn But You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks… Some Reflections on Teaching the Silver Generation (60 +), Małgorzata Szwaj, Poland


Reflections on teaching and education

10 Purpose Beyond Profit: It’s One Thing to “Do Good”, Another to “Stop Doing Bad”…, Adrian Underhill, UK

11 The Reunion. On Intuitive Observation in Educational Situations,  Henk van Oort, the Netherlands

12 Random Teacher’s Thoughts Organised Along A Running Trail, Marina Marinova, Germany


21st Century Skills

1 Remote Theatre: Communicating Creatively Across Cultures Through Screen Technology, David Heathfield, Europe

2 On Embracing Change: Observations From a Technophile, Daniel Martin, Spain

3 Cross-Curricular Activities Through Arts and Crafts and English with Young Learners, Zhivka Ilieva and Iliya Iliev, Bulgaria


Lesson Ideas

1 Sundry Literature Lessons (1), Robert Feather, UK

2 Literature Lessons (1), Mario Rinvolucri, UK

3 Using Pictures and Stories in the EFL Classroom, Karen Saxby, UK


Golden Classics

1 Golden Classics: A Blast From the Past, Magda Zamorska, Poland

2 Using Questions the Way We Did back in the Last Millennium, Mario Rinvolucri, UK


The Creativity Group

C Group Presenters at IATEFL Liverpool, 2019



1 An Education, Danny Singh, Italy

2 Happy Birthday, Chaz Pugliese, France

3 Humanising Language Teaching as a Force for Identity Change, Simon Mumford, Turkey

4 HLT – The Last 20 Years and the Next, Mike Shreeve, UK

5 From a Simple Request to National Impact, Claire Özel, Turkey

6 Embracing Change…Or Not, Lou Spaventa, US

7 Musings on the Topic of Change, Tessa Woodward, UK



1 The Strategy Factor in Successful Language Learning: The Tornado Effect (second edition), reviewed by Adem Soruç, UK

2 Jack-the-Cat’s Adventures, Sezgi Yalin Cyprus and US

3 Alan Maley’s  50 Creative Activities, reviewed by Mario Rinvolucri, UK

4 ELT Lesson Observation & Feedback Handbook, Jeanette Barsdell, UK

5 Tune into English, Fergal Kavanagh, Italy


1 Aspects of British Humour, Tim Bowen, UK

2 English Grammar Affected by Brexit Debate! May Remains but no Might!

3 Twenty Years of HLT – Twenty Years of CEF, Geoff Tranter, Germany



1 How the Heart Responds, Alan Maley, UK

2 My Poetry (After Pablo Neruda), George Bradford Patterson, US


To the Editor