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June 2024 - Year 26 - Issue 3

ISSN 1755-9715

Starting a New Topic: Cartoons about Clothes

Hanna Kryszewska is a teacher, teacher trainer, trainer of trainers. She is a senior lecturer at the University of Gdańsk, Poland. She is co-author of resource books: Learner Based Teaching, OUP, Towards Teaching, Heinemann, The Standby Book, CUP, Language Activities for Teenagers, CUP, The Company Words Keep, DELTA Publishing, and a course book series for secondary schools: ForMat, Macmillan. She is also co-author of a video-based teacher training course: Observing English Lessons, and online course for Orient Black Swan on 21st Century Skills and Teaching the whole person: Humanising language teaching. Hania is a Pilgrims trainer and editor of HLT Magazine. E-mail:  





A good way to start a lesson, or series of lessons around one subject it to use some cartoons – ideally selected by the teacher as then we have more control over the content and no time is wasted trying to find some and select suitable ones.

Here are some I have used to start lessons on clothes (B1 and above) with some ideas how to use them.


Idea 1

Don’t tell the students what the lesson/s will be about. Ask them to decide what the cartoons have in common.


Idea 2

Rank the cartoons from most funny to least funny and give your reasons.


Idea 3

Identify which cartoon/s deal with. moral issues / you can use the categories more than once:

  • sustainability

  • dress code

  • individual style

  • passing fashion

  • moral issues

  • taste

  • materials

  • politics

  • other



You can create or add your own categories.


A cartoon of a person holding a dressDescription automatically generated

Cartoon of a person and person talking to each otherDescription automatically generated


pants cartoon | Words and Toons


Cartoon ID: toon-1238

Daily Comet




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  • Starting a New Topic: Cartoons about Clothes
    Hanna (Hania) Kryszewska, Poland