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April 2020 - Year 22 - Issue 2

ISSN 1755-9715

Two Poems

Fred and Frey

Fred, a tiny frog, when strolling one day, met a giant dog.
- What's your name ?
- I'm Frey.
Fred and Frey started to sway as the path, where they stood, had no name.
Not only were they lost, but also they feared a ghost.
They didn't know what to do,
They didn't know where to go.
Oh, no !
Then, dense fog made the two friends more than shocked.
They stopped swaying,
scared stiff, stood still,
they began praying.
The night fell down, the stars started to shine,
the white moon appeared near.
And then Fred's and Frey's fear disappeared.
They rushed to fly, don't ask me why, don't ask me how.
Oh! my.
At dawn when the sun palely shone
they spotted a ghost all in frost.
Away, Fred and Frey have flown.
They're gone.


Giraffe Jeff

Giraffe Jeff was dreaming of being a chef
in a nearby town, where all lived in peace
nobody had a gun.
He made a plan.
He sowed plenty of seeds of flowers and fruit
to have the best ever food.
Vegetables, red, yellow and green
in this field could also be seen.
Beans and peas he planted on knees.
Every day came
Elephant Plops
to water the crops.
One day, when the right time arrived
Giraffe Jeff made his restaurant thrive.
Was coming up with lots of ideas
how to pamper his fellas
with delicious dishes from their wishes.
He served all kinds of soup, stew and salads
in a chamber decorated with garlands.
Ice cream and cakes matched each lady's dress.
Elephant Plops took care of the pots
and washed all the glass for the coming mass.
Some of the clients didn't tend to be quiet
They loved to dance so Jeff gave them a chance.
Invited Dino, who played the piano.
The music then spread over the town
where all lived in peace, nobody had a gun.
Where Jeff was a chef
and had the best friend
this is the end.

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