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April 2024 - Year 26 - Issue 2

ISSN 1755-9715


Dear HLT Readers,

Welcome to the April issue of HLT in which we celebrate 25 years of the magazine. We have received best wishes from Till Gins, Lead Officer at Pilgrims: Congratulations to HLT Magazine  and from Phil Dexter, Pilgrims Teacher Trainer Journal: Happy 25th Birthday to Pilgrims Humanising Language Teaching.

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25 Years of


Two texts in this issue explain and analyse the ideas behind humanising language teaching: Humanism in Language Teaching: Roots and Practices by Rod Bolitho and Humanizing the Teacher by Carol Griffiths. 

But of course, it all started with Mario Rinvolucri… And to see how it started, go to the first issue of HLTmag and appreciate how the magazine has changed and evolved. 

Five years ago, in his  text celebrating 20 years of HLT, Jim Wright, late Principal of Pilgrims, remembered the beginnings and shared some anecdotes. In this issue you can read more about the past and some plans for the future in Down the Memory Lane by Hanna (Hania) Kryszewska, HLT Editor.

A new development in the magazine is a section called Eco Issues which will be best introduced by Alan Maley, the idea giver who has put his energy and heart into starting the movement in HLT. In the box below Alan introduces the idea. Note the first article in the Eco Issues section is Global Ecological Collapse and the Power of Teachers by Alan Maley.

Following on from our call for papers on Imminent Environmental Global Catastrophe  (HLT Mag.  February 2024 – Year 26 – Issue 1), I am delighted that HLT Mag has agreed to open up a new section, to be called Eco-Issues.

 This is a timely initiative.  It reflects the belief that teachers of language have a uniquely important role to play in informing and inspiring their students to take action to counter the catastrophic consequences of human abuse of the beautiful planet we live on.  We have the power to change mind-sets – the first step in taking effective action. 

The new section will publish long or short articles on any aspect of environmental issues, including practical examples of projects, materials and information resources.  By sharing this information, I hope we can, together, make a difference.  And I look forward to contributions great and small.

Alan Maley

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As for Pilgrims news… on 19th March we had a webinar devoted exclusively to Pilgrims summer in Segovia. If you were unable to attend and would like to find out more about it, you can watch the webinar here and meet the trainers, too. 

You can also find out about Pilgrims Courses for Children & Teenagers in a text from  Leah Luke, Principal of Pilgrims.

Do not forget about the special offer announced in the February issue of HLT: If 2 pupils book a summer course, the teacher who advised them will not be charged for his/her own teacher training course; what is more, if 3 pupils book a course, neither the accommodation nor the course will be charged. 

You can read more about Pilgrims in Segovia here.

Join us for the IATEFL International Conference |

In the ELT News you can read about 4 conferences organised by TEFLers with whom HLT has been friends for a long time. The conferences  will take place in May and June and are organised in Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, and online from the UK.

But of course, there is IATEFL Brighton coming up very soon. We will have a Pilgrims stand so please look us up; come and chat to Pilgrims trainers and staff. It will be a hub of activity also for the supporters of the Eco Issues movement.

As for articles in this issue we have three texts about methods and approaches to teaching: Using Themes to Increase Language Learning Interest in a Casual Environment by Pak Man Au,  Implementing Flipped Classroom to Improve Air Traffic Controllers’ (ATCOs) English Language Competence by Dora Mirta Troitiño Díaz, and Teaching: Science, Art or Philosophy? by Michael Tooke, and two texts about the teaching profession: Lessons Learned Teaching Abroad Part 2 by Stephen Mullen, and Class Interview with Susana Ibáñez, an Argentinian ELT Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Journal Editor, Writer and Literary Workshop Instructor by Vanesa Polastri.

Of course, now almost every issue of HLT publishes articles about AI in ELT, which is a sign of the times and changing reality. If you are interested, read Having AI as an Assistant in Oral Presentation Skills Practices by Duangjaichanok Pansa, and Adaptive Learning: Language Education with Artificial Intelligence by Sam Bowman.

You will find some great lesson ideas in  Coaching Spoken and Written Performance with ESL Learners by Emmanuelle Betham, Drama Part 1: Improvisation-based Activities for Language Learning Classes. Physical Exercises by Peter Dyer, and  Making Stories by Andrew Wright… and much more.

Enjoy the April issue of HLT and hopefully see you soon.

Hanna (Hania) Kryszewska

HLT Editor


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