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February 2024 - Year 26 - Issue 1

ISSN 1755-9715

Call for Papers: Imminent Global Environmental Catastrophe

Dear HLT Readers,

We are trying to raise some support for a movement to make the Imminent Global Environmental Catastrophe a central part of our work as language educators. 

Climate change and other areas of environmental collapse now constitute a clear and present threat to human life as we know it.  This is not a hypothetical scenario in the distant future: it is happening right now.  And it affects everyone on the planet.  That means you.

Teachers have enormous influence on their students, both directly through what they teach, and indirectly through who they are.

It is time to harness this influence both individually and in cooperation with teacher associations, publishers, journals, and environmental organisations. Doing nothing is not an option.

Of course, education cannot alone solve this monumental set of problems but it has a role to play.  As teachers of English, we have a unique opportunity to provide learners with access to information, and to language and skills they can use to engage with the climate crisis in their own contexts.

So far very little attention has been paid by the ELT profession to the bleak facts that stare us in the face - but which many turn a blind eye to.  For example, in the forthcoming IATEFL conference (Brighton 2024), there are just 10 presentations out of approximately 500 which touch on the issues of sustainability, climate change, etc.  But addressing these issues with both teachers and learners is not an optional extra – it is a must.

Would you be willing to contribute and publish articles on the subject (Lesson Ideas, Articles, Voices or Book Reviews) in HLT Mag?   Ideally they would aim to inform, to inspire, involve and to show how practical actions could be implemented. They might be factual or a trifle controversial; generally they would be written with a view to shaking people up a bit, so that they start to sit up and pay attention. 

The series could start as early as April 2024.

We will look forward to hearing from you. Send your contributions to Alan ( and Adrian Underhill ( The guidelines are available here.


All the best,

Alan Maley and Adrian Underhill

with Hania Kryszewska HLT Editor (

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