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February 2024 - Year 26 - Issue 1

ISSN 1755-9715



ELT News   

  1. Pilgrims News: Pilgrims Summer 2024  in Segovia and 50th Anniversary of Pilgrims in 2024, Till Gins, Lead Officer, Pilgrims
  2. Call for Papers: Imminent Global Environmental Catastrophe
  3. A New Call for Applications for ASHDRA Awards Went Out On 1st February 2024
  4. 10th International Conference on Higher Education Advances, June 18 - 21, 2024. Valencia, Spain
  5. International Publishers Exhibition: Forthcoming Events
  6. EISTA ’24 Conference: Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications

Various Articles - Classroom practice

  1. Story Telling Today: Part 2, Bink Venery, UK and Italy

Various Articles - Lexis

  1. Automating the Creation of Dictionaries: Are We Nearly There?, Michael Rundell, UK

Various Articles - Approaches

  1. Design Thinking: Can It Be an Alternative Approach in English Language Education?, Evrim Üstünlüoğlu, Türkiye
  2. Building Foundations for Cooperative Learning, George M Jacobs and Xinran He, Singapore

Various Articles - Teacher Education  

  1. Journal Writing in Practicum: A Tool for Reflection and Feedback, Meera Srinivas and Mahananda Pathak, India
  2. A Change in the Curriculum May Bring Unexpected Results: A Case Study of Introducing Educational Drama into ITT, Mariela Mondaca, Argentina
  3. Lessons Learned Teaching Abroad Part 1, Stephen Mullen, Canada/Czech Republic

21st Century Skills

  1. Should Universities Go Virtual? Exploring Student Perspectives on the Pros and Cons of Online Education, Ahlam Said Al Rawahi, Oman

Lesson Ideas For Students

  1. Engaging Students with a Story, Jamie Keddie, Spain
  2. Overt Teaching: Setting the Stage for Effective Feedback, Mark Heffernan, UK and David Byrne, Ireland
  3. Pop Culture Conventions and Literacy Learning, Paolo Nino Valdez, Philippines

CPD Ideas for Teachers

  1. Four Activities to Increase Your Happiness at Work, Duncan Foord, Spain

Golden Classics

  1. Being Creative: Things I find Useful, Andrew Wright

The Creativity Group

  1. Real Books. What do we mean?, Andrew Wright, Hungary
  2. Some Teachers Story-tell, Some Sing - the World of Teaching Can do With More of Both!, Jayakaran Mukundan, Malyasia
  3. Tell a Child in Gaza’s Tale: An Invitation, Haneen Jadallah, Palestine/UK, David Heathfield, UK


  1. ChatGPT and the Question of Authentic Knowledge, A.G. Elrod, the Netherlands.
  2. First Person Past Simple and You, Robin Usher, Hungary


  1. Short Book Reviews, Hania (Hanna) Kryszewska, Poland
  2. The Practice of English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) around the World edited by Carol
  3. News from Pavilion


  1. Christmas 2023, Geoff Tranter, Germany


  1. Winter Haikus, Alan Maley, UK
  2. ***, Muhammad Iqbal, Pakistan

To the Editor