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June 2022 - Year 24 - Issue 3

ISSN 1755-9715

'The Pity of War'


'The Pity of War' is a collection of poems from teachers around the world in response to the
war and Russian invasion of Ukraine. The poems come along with 20 tips and suggestions for how to use these poems to generate discussion, dialogue and learning in the English language classroom.

The collection was edited by Alan Maley and is available as ebook from Peacheypublications LTD. The price is very  low in the hope that many people will be able to buy it (Pay what you want but the minimum is $3.99).  All proceeds go to Ukraine humanitarian aid. The book is available here.

On Tuesday 29th March  Graham Stanley broadcast contributions from the
collection on his Teachers' Talk Radio Show. The recording of the show is here:

The Morning Break with Graham Stanley 29-03-22: Education, Poetry & War

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  • 'The Pity of War'
    ed. Alan Maley, UK

  • Ukrainian Illustrators on Instagram
    Jamie Keddie, Spain

  • Three Stories
    Andrew Wright, Hungary

  • Earl Stevick’s Impact
    Jane Arnold, Spain;Tim Murphey, Japan

  • Dressed in Borrowed Robes: Telling Our Stories in a Foreign Language
    Claudia Mónica Ferradas, Argentina

  • After the Storm
    Charles Hadfield, New Zealand