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June 2022 - Year 24 - Issue 3

ISSN 1755-9715



Pilgrims News

Various Articles - Skills

  1. Self-help Books to Master Reading Strategies, G. Sandhiya Devi and Divya John, India

Various Articles - In class

  1. “Hi, Memory!” : Negotiating Forms of Address with Chinese EFL Students on a Pre-sessional Course at a UK University, David Clayton, UK

Various Articles - SEN

  1. Language Learning with Dyslexia, Emmanuelle Betham
  2. The Role of Creativity in Students with Specific Learning Disorder, Erika Saccuti, Italy

Various Articles - Approaches to Teaching

  1. Balance in Movement, Gianluigi Basile, Italy
  2. Adaptive Teaching Methodologies in the Covid- 19 Era in Cuba, Adys Maria Nassiff Samón,  Silvia Miriam Morgan Scott, Annia Rosales Romero, Cuba

21st Century Skills

  1. Student-Made Surveys: Suggestion for an Extended Project, Michael Guest, Japan
  2. Teaching English in Early Childhood Through The ICTs, Roxana Perea Romero, Cuba 

Lesson Ideas

  1. From Boring to Exploring: Utilising a Location Finder Website to Teach Minimal Pairs, Ronnakrit Rangsarittikun, Thailand
  2. Flag Chain Game, Pak Man Au, Canada
  3. Presentation Classes on Zoom, Pak Man Au, Canada

Golden Classics

  1. Some Further Reflections on 30 Years of EFL/ELT Teaching and Training, Sandra Piai, UK

The Creativity Group

  1. 'The Pity of War', ed. Alan Maley, UK
  2. Ukrainian Illustrators on Instagram, Jamie Keddie, Spain
  3. Three Stories, Andrew Wright, Hungary
  4. Earl Stevick’s Impact, Jane Arnold, Spain and Tim Murphey, Japan
  5. Dressed in Borrowed Robes: Telling Our Stories in a Foreign Language, Claudia Mónica Ferradas, Argentina
  6. After the Storm, Charles Hadfield, New Zealand


  1. My Storytelling Journey, Amna Burki, Canada
  2. The Pudding is in the Proof, Christopher Walker, Poland


  1. Tune Into English: New Downloadable Worksheets, Fergal Kavanagh, Italy
  2. Call for stories on ‘Language Teacher Authenticity’, George Jacobs, Singapore
  3. Innovations and Challenges in Language Learning and Motivation, reviewed by Brian Welter, Taiwan


  1. My Favourite Cartoons About Language, found by Paul Davis, Pilgrims trainer greatly missed


A Poem, Affan Ridho

To the Editor