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October 2023 - Year 25 - Issue 5

ISSN 1755-9715

Two Poems

Muhammad Iqbal is an English Instructor in Government Vocational Training Institute Narowal, Pakistan working for poverty alleviation and rehabilitation of the poor in Punjab. He holds a masters degree in English Language and Literature from Punjab University Lahore, Bachelor of Education and a Certificate in French. Writes poetry in Urdu, Punjabe, Persian and English. After the earthquake in Pakistan he started to write poetry for humanising children because he felt the world direly needs humanistic generations when disasters are increasing double and triple in the world. He is also a membership officer of IATEFL GISIG Committee. E-mail:


Wall has ear

Wall has ear

It can hear

So my sweet

Keep talk neat

Talk should reap

Think very deep

When you speak

Be merry, meek

Don't backbite

It cause' fight


Global harmony

The cat of Jake
How she spake
Said to the mice
You are very nice
Cut my paws
Teeth that cause
Threatening might
Fear and fright
Fo' every mouse
In global house
Without any wait
Communicate, debate
We will unite
No more fight
Let 's celebrate
A compromising date
Cheerfully dance
Avail a better chance
Celebrating ceremony
Harmony Harmony

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