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April 2022 - Year 24 - Issue 2

ISSN 1755-9715

No More

From the Editor

HLT from 'No More' was published  in the Alan Maley edited anthology SOMETHING IN THE AIR: Reflections on the Corona Virus , Our Glass Publishing  (2020)


no more to look to the peaks                                        

     the snows are all gone and the blue

blue blue is now fixed in its glare

     & the glinting icewalls on the sheer black rock

are all dead waterfalls

     & the delicate cornices

are long blown away like spindrift

      along a long deserted beach where the surf hardly bothers to unfold any more

& the clatters

     of exploding scree

as the faces collapse

mean the highest mountains are now flattened into limitless plains  & the beds of the seas

are even further down below there now than anyone before us could ever have dreamed

 the limit

                 of my world

                                       was once


                                                              the top

                                                                          of that tree


                                                                                                               through a gap

                                                                                                                                        in the  bedroom  curtains



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