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April 2022 - Year 24 - Issue 2

ISSN 1755-9715



Pilgrims News

  1. Message from Chaz Pugliese, Director of Education and Teacher Training, Pilgrims
  2. Poems for Ukraine Read at Pilgrims Café on 5th March 2022, selected by Chaz Pugliese

Various Articles - General

  1. Uplifting Sunken Spirits – Using Music to Explore, Empower & Enlighten, Chris Walklett, UK  
  2. The Power of Education Networks, Grazzia Maria Mendoza Chirinos, Honduras, Honduras  

Various Articles - Teaching Higher Levels

  1. The Effect of Suggestopedia Method in Teaching Vocabulary to First Grade Secondary School Students, Magdalena Dygała, Poland  
  2. New Classroom, New Strategies – Reading and Reflection, Roy Bicknell, the Netherlands
  3. Creating a Level Playing Field for EMI Business Degree Students, Michelle Hunter, Germany/ UK 

Various Articles - Technology

  1. Interaction and Engagement in Virtual Environments, Grazzia Maria Mendoza Chirinos and Juana Espinoza de Ayestas, Honduras  
  2. Open Educational Resources for Language Learning and CLIL in Italy During the COVID 19 Pandemic, Letizia Cinganotto, Italy 
  3. The Challenges of Blended Learning During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Oskar Rożewicz, Poland

Various Articles - Teachers

  1. Teacher Burnout: The Elephant in the Room, Carol Griffiths, North Cyprus
  2. Encouraging Local Material Writers, Jorge Torres Almazán, Mexico  
  3. Together We Stand: Collaboration Within And Across Teachers’ Associations, Beatrix Price, Hungary

21st Century Skills

  1. What Are The Best Career Options For Bilingual And Multilingual People? Larry Blackwell, UK
  2. Employability vs. Workability in ELT: What Comes After the Pandemic, Karin Heuert Galvão, Brazil  

Lesson Ideas

  1. Ears Peeled Project, Christina Chorianopoulou, Greece
  2. Using Minecraft as a Teaching Tool, Walton Burns, USA 

Golden Classics

  1. Honey, collected by Paul Davis, Pilgrims trainer greatly missed

The Creativity Group

  1. The Ukraine Collection, ed. Alan Maley, UK
  2. Creating a Story Book for  Children, Motikala Subba Dewan, Nepal
  3. Laika, Jamie Keddie, Spain
  4. Poems to Stories, John Kay, UK
  5. No More, Charles Hadfield, New Zealand
  6. Perceptions of Special Teachers as Described by Vietnamese Students,  Phuong Le, Vetnam
  7. Found in Translation, Jane Spiro, UK   


  1. Strategic Competence and Why We Don’t Love It As Much As We Should, Steve Hirschhorn, UK 
  2. Where Are We? Who Are We? Why…? Changing Realities, Susan Holden, Scotland, UK
  3. Staying Positive in Difficult Circumstances, Marjorie Rosenberg, Austria  
  4. Teaching in the New Normal – Challenges and New Opportunities, Mojca Ketiš, Slovenia
  5. So What Do You Do Then?, Steve Hirschhorn, UK


  1. The Owl Factor: Reframing your Teaching Philosophy, reviewed by the author, André Hedlund, Brazil


  1. Getting Old, shared by Hania Kryszewska on her 65th Birthday


  1. Missing Shoulder, Siti Nur Azizah, Indonesia

To the Editor