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August 2021 - Year 23 - Issue 4

ISSN 1755-9715


Never let go off my unsteady hands

When the entire world sinks into a deadly sleep

Never let go off my abandoned heart

When hope sets down far away in the lands of my shattered dreams


Hold me tight, let me feel the warmth

Whisper in moonless nights; let me hear the stocked melodies in your mind

Embrace me; gently wipe my eyes

Secure me, let me passionately feel your inner bright beams of light


Your soft voice, your gentle touch

Your kind look, my immense love

Calm and speechless, alone and selfless

Revives me, brings me into light

When darkness slowly swallow me up


I am drunk by your love; I see myself more than I, in your eyes

You adore me simply; you grasp me strongly in your arms

I found heaven, beauty, strength all at once in your hug

You found peace, truth, belief and trust in my tired heart


Our silence sobbing sound

Has remained in my ear, and in your mind

Dark days are now behind us

With you here

Within my arms.

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