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February 2022 - , Year 24 - Issue 1

ISSN , 1755-9715



Pilgrims News

  1. Message from Chaz Pugliese, Director of Education and Teacher Training, Pilgrims

Various Articles - Primary

  1. English in Public Primary School in Venezuela, Experiences 2018-2019: A Case Study, Juana Sagaray and Maria Teresa Fernandez, Venezuela, Wendy Arnold, United Kingdom

Various Articles - Story-telling and poetry

  1. Reviving Folklore Literature through Puppetry, Storytelling and Poetry during Home-based Learning Activities, Sirhajwan Idek and Nurazilah Othman, Malaysia

Various Articles - Issues

  1. Do No Harm! Undesirable Consequences of Teaching about Social Justice, Mandana Arfa-Kaboodvand, Eswatini
  2. Learning to Write by Rewriting Dominant Discourses: A De-colonial English Language Pedagogy, Gautam Bisht, India

Various Articles - CLIL

  1. Different Activities for Developing Reading Comprehension Skill in English Lessons, Patricia Fundora Ramírez, Dania del C Fariñas Hernández and Lázaro Rolando Rodríguez Fernández, Cuba

Various Articles - Learner Independence and Motivation

  1. Independent Pupils – Successful Pupils, Eva Slapnik, Slovenia
  2. Teachers’ Strategies to Motivate Students to Learn English: A Case Study at an Indonesian SHS, Lydia Agatha, Listyani Indonesia and Joseph Ernest Mambu Indonesia

Various Articles - Feedback

  1. Understanding and Influencing Student Satisfaction Judgements, Alex Walls, UK

Various Articles - SEN

  1. Investigating EFL Instructors’ Experience with Learning Disability (LD) Training, Jimalee Sowell and Larry Sugisaki, US

Various Articles - Teaching and learning in Covid times

  1. From Classroom-based Teaching to Complete Self-study: A Reflection, Corsica S. L.Kong, Hong Kong
  2. Bridging the Gap in Online Teaching, Brooks Slaybaugh, Japan

21 st Century Skills

  1. Creativity and Vocabulary Learning Strategies: A Case Study, Zsófia Széll, Hungary

Lesson Ideas

  1. Encouraging Movement During Distance Learning, Eva Slapnik, Slovenia
  2. Let's Learn to Listen, Eva Slapnik, Slovenia
  3. Some Lonely Words, Tim Bowen, UK

Golden Classics

  1. Learning to Learn, Bonnie Tsai, Pilgrims trainer greatly missed

The Creativity Group

  1. Carrot in a Box, Jamie Keddie, Spain
  2. Reflections on Our Democratic Institutions, Rod Bolitho, UK
  3. Dr Rieux Checks His Facebook Newsfeed, Jill Hadfield, New Zealand


  1. IT Came From Outer Space, Robin Usher, Kyrgyzstan


  1. 101 EFL Activities for Teaching University Students – Book Preview, Hall Houston, Taiwan
  2. The Socratic Method: A Practitioner’s Handbook, reviewed by Brian Welter
  3. Applied Peace Linguistics: Some Pioneers and their Contributions, compiled and edited by Jocelyn Wright, South Korea


  1. The Guide to British Pantomime, Geoff Trantner, Germany


  1. Two Poems, Lorcan Flynn, Germany
  2. Prep Class Poetry, Deniz Özbeyli, Turkey

To the Editor

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