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June 2019 - Year 21 - Issue 3

ISSN 1755-9715


  1. Editorial
  2. Pilgrims News
    1. When I Say Pilgrims
    2. Conferences
  3. Various Articles - Primary
    1. Class Oral Storymaking, Andrew Wright, Hungary
    2. Reaching At-Risk Students in a 5th Grade EFL Classroom, Stephanie Ptak, South Korea
  4. Various Articles - Secondary and above
    1. For the Joy of It: Teaching English With Shape Notes
    2. Proposing a Haptic Approach to Facilitating L2 Learners’ Pragmatic Competence, Michael Burri, Australia; William Acton, Canada; Amanda Baker, Australia
  5. Various Articles - ESL
    1. Teaching ESL at a Correctional Facility, Robert Emigh, USA
  6. Various Articles - Testing
    1. Humanising Testing, Marina Marinova, Germany
  7. Various Articles - General considerations
    1. Are You Talking to Me? The Importance of Asking Questions, Giulia Sepe, Spain
    2. Homework is Wrong?, Douglas J. Rogers, US
    3. Mindfulness Practice to Enhance Well-Being and Learning, Monica Mulholland, Argentina and US
  8. Various Articles - A story of professional development
    1. The Power of Personal Experience, Alan Maley, UK
  9. 21st Century Skills
    1. Implementing 21st Century Skills in ELT: Learning and Innovation - the 4C’s, Hajnalka Fruttus, Hungary
    2. Foam Rubber Frames for Creativity: Discovering Our Deep Emotions, Carmen Marchante, Spain
    3. Seed Germination Project – Creative CLIL, Anastasia Bykova, Russia
    4. A Virtual Tour to London, Francesca Biz, Italy
    5. EAS and CLIL for Innovating, Gianluigi Basile, Italy
    6. Empowering HOTS in EFL Settings: A Lesson on Child Prostitution, Yomaira Angélica Herreño, Colombia;Jhonathan Alexander Huertas Torres, Colombia
  10. Lesson Ideas
    1. Sundry Literature Lessons (2), Robert Feather, UK
    2. Literature Lessons (2), Mario Rinvolucri, UK
    3. Poem as an Ice-breaker, Jaber Kamali, Iran
    4. An Effectual Oral English Course Formula for Chinese University and College Oral English Classes That Foreign Experts Can Use on a Regular Basis, Clair Lasater, US
    5. Pirates Project, Helena Tunysová, the Czech Republic
  11. Golden Classics
    1. Using Games as an Educational Tool when Teaching a Foreign Language to Adults - Practical Ideas, Ilka Birova, Bulgaria
  12. The Creativity Group
    1. The Macedonia Experience, Danny Singh, UK and Italy
    2. Spontaneity – One Day Event: The Empty Space in Teacher Development
  13. Voices
    1. In Memoriam: Remembering Michael Lewis, Hugh Dellar, UK
    2. On Humanising and Language and Teaching, Edwin Salter, UK
    3. Why I Don’t Write To Publish, Rozaliya Ziryanova, Uzbekistan
    4. Is English Only Comprehensible Input?, Brooks Slaybaugh, Japan
    5. An Origin Story, Jamie Keddie, Spain
  14. Publications
    1. Short Book Reviews, Hania Kryszewska, Poland
    2. ‘Poetry and Art for Creativity – Inspirations’ - A Book Awarded European Language Label 2016 for Innovation in Language Teaching, Sylwia Zabor-Zakowska, Poland
    3. The Language Teacher's Golden Companion by Erik L. Dostal
    4. New Titles from Routledge
    5. New Titles from Crown House Publishing, An Award-Winning Independent Publisher
    6. New Downloadable Worksheets
  15. Humour
    1. Think Outside the …
  16. Poems
    1. Phoenix New Life Poetry – Summer 2017 No 68
  17. To the Editor
  18. Our Partners
  19. Contributor’s Guidelines