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June 2019 - Year 21 - Issue 3

ISSN 1755-9715


Dear HLT Readers

Welcome the June issue of HLT. This month is very special as all of us at Pilgrims will be at the ELT Forum in Bratislava, Slovakia, celebrating 45 years of Pilgrims and 20 years of HLT (see  Conferences). We do hope you will be among the participants of the Conference. Alternatively we may be meeting soon in Canterbury, during our teacher training summer. If you want to find out more about the unique Pilgrims experience read When I Say Pilgrims by Emese Szabó.

The previous two issues were unique and very rich in content; in February we celebrated with friends and associates of Pilgrims and HLT  20 years of the magazine; in April Independent Authors and Publishers shared their ideas with us.

So for this issue I have decided to focus more on practical ideas and lesson outlines (21st Century Skills, Lesson Ideas, Golden Classics, Class Oral StorymakingFor the Joy of It: Teaching English With Shape Notes), some of which have been entries to the Bonnie Tsai Scholarship in 2018. There are 16 articles which I am sure will inspire you and some of which you will be able to implement in your teaching depending on which level or age group you teach, but the one that stands out is the winner of Bonnie Tsai Scholarship for 2019 on Implementing 21st Century Skills in ELT: Learning and Innovation - the 4C’s by Hajnalka Fruttus.

The Voices section in which you voice your concerns, express your personal views is always an interesting read; in this issue Are You Talking to Me? The Importance of Asking Questions by Giulia Sepe, Homework is Wrong? by Douglas J. Rogers, and Mindfulness Practice to Enhance Well-Being and Learning by Monica Mulholland. But sometimes there are sad texta in which we say good-bye to our ELT colleagues and friends who have passed away. This time it is Hugh Dellar remembering Michael Lewis, founder of the Lexical Approach (In Memoriam: Remembering Michael Lewis). How time flies… Not so long ago we celebrated 20 years of the Lexical Approach in Michael Lewis has inspired many of us to write resource books including the following titles:

I would also like to highlight the following articles: Reaching At-Risk Students in an 5th Grade EFL Classroom by Stephanie Ptak, Teaching ESL at a Correctional Facility by Robert Emigh, Humanising Testing by Marina Marinova, and The Power of Personal Experience by Alan Maley.

Take a good look at the Publications section with Short Book Reviews by Hanna Kryszewska,

‘Poetry and Art for Creativity – Inspirations’ - A Book Awarded European Language Label 2016 for Innovation in Language Teaching by Sylwia Zabor-Żakowska, and a lot more.

Finally, it seems that all the teething problems with new HLT site at and the archive at have been solved. Here is a tip from Danny Singh, on how to retrieve links to articles on the www.old.hltmag site:

By the way, purely by chance, I discovered a simple way of recouping old articles. I was still missing three hlt links. I went on google, wrote the titles, name of author (me of course) and two of them came up. I tried the 3rd one again, this time adding hltmag & guess what, it worked! So if anyone still has missing articles, you might want to suggest this technique, as it worked for me.

Enjoy the June issue


Hania Kryszewska

HLT Editor

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