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June 2020 - Year 22 - Issue 3

ISSN 1755-9715

Falcon's Ashes


Deep in sea a sunset of fire

your burning enchantress eyes,

blazed me up high ;

Then those ashes of mine

with shadows of your glamorous orb

hover hushly like pretty little stars in skies



Ashes blended in the skies of pain

In storms of her silent lips;

a less of me

a much of her,



Sad waters , tempered skies into

Heavens garnished with stars of ashes,

A harmonious moonlight on

Dancing spirits of two duplets



O you, Let me revive those echoes of mine

Those ashes of love

Those only left little things of you in me

Pretty aren't they ?

Come back one day

You'll find me the same

A collector of your remembrance.

An aura of your flames.

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