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June 2020 - Year 22 - Issue 3

ISSN 1755-9715


  1. Editorial
  2. Pilgrims News
    1. Message from Chaz Pugliese, Director of Education and Teacher Training, Pilgrims, Chaz Pugliese, France
    2. A Message for All Readers, Subscribers and Supporters of The Teacher Trainer Journal, Tessa Woodward, The Editor
    3. Paul Davis RIP
  3. Various Articles - Teaching Primary
    1. The Use of Multiple Intelligence Based Activities to Reduce Students’ Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety While Adapting to a Bilingual System, Leyla Saavedra Saavedra and Verónica Yáñez Monje, Chile
    2. The Meaning of Teacher Centeredness in The Teaching English to Young Learners Curriculum Design, Ngoc Tung Vu, and Thi Minh Huyen Nguyen, Vietnam  
  4. Various Articles - Teaching Secondary
    1. A Useful Comparative Approach for Teaching English in My Class: A Tertium, Comparationis (TC), María Eugenia de Lara Navarro and Mario Gómez Pérez,  Cuba
  5. Various Articles - Teaching Adults/Advanced
    1. TPRS, a Valid Procedure in the TEFL Classroom, José Alberto Peña Almora, Cuba
    2. Teaching Adults a Foreign Language: A Rewarding or a Helpless Task?, Juan Luis Hernández Pino, Cuba
    3. English as Means or Medium of Instruction (EMI) Within the Policy to Improve English in Cuban Universities Framework. A Case Study at Pinar del Río University, Tamara Gutiérrez Baffil and Rubén Alejandro Pérez Gutiérrez, Cuba
    4. Making the Pieces Fit - ELT Curriculum Renewal in Cuban Universities, Alan Pulverness, UK
    5. An Analysis of Parallel Forms of the English Language Entrance Test, Pavel Svoboda and Daniel Lawrence Schneiter, Czech Republic
  6. Various Articles - Motivation
    1. Motivation and Creativity for the Implementation of A New English Language Strategy,  Maritza Núnez Arévalo, Ana Velia Domínguez Leó and Tania Morales de la Cruz, Cuba 
    2. Fostering Autonomous Motivation in EFL Classroom: A Self-determination  Theory, Perspective, Hossein Rahmanpanah, Iran
  7. Various Articles - Culture
    1. How To Translate Culturemes: A Case Study For The Bilateral Cuba-Canada “Global Perspective Annual Project, Tania Morales de la Cruz, Ana Iris Medina Uribe-Echavarría and Maritza Núñez Arévalos, Cuba 
    2. Education For Multi- And Inter- Cultural Communication in Major EFL Programs In Cuban Universitiesː Curriculum Design, Jorge Luis Rodriguez Morell, Cuba
    3. The Relation Between Culture and Learning Styles, Safa Nasher Saeed, Yemen
  8. Various Articles - Teaching in Coronavirus times
    1. Prioritizing When Education is in Crisis: The Language Teacher, Christina Nicole Giannikas, Cyprus
    2. Make It Human: In Between Screens and Faces. Reflections on Nine Weeks of Lessons During Lockdown, Csilla Jaray-Benn, France
  9. Various Articles - General
    1. Writing in Foreign Language Teaching, Vilma María Pérez Viñas, Raquel Guerra Ceballos and Elisabeth Dumpierres Otero, Cuba
    2. An Overview of English Language Education in Cuba: Achievements and Challenges, Isora Enríquez O´Farrill, and  Eduardo Garbey Savigne, Cuba 
    3. British Council-St Giles Educational Trust:  Classrooms in Action and Mentors in Action, Cuba, Mike Williams, UK
    4. The ArrowMight Program: Cuba´s Contribution to a Literacy Project for the Canadian Context, Matilde L. Patterson Peña, Cuba
  10. Various Articles - Teacher Training
    1. Working With Pre-service Teachers Towards Professional Development, Matilde L. Patterson Peña, Cuba
    2. INSET Training in Cuban Universities, Zoe Domínguez Gómez and  Margarita González Jurado, Cuba
  11. 21st Century Skills
    1. ‘A Dove in Flight’ Agency in 21st Century Language Learning, Sharon Hartle, Italy
    2. Technology in Education: How Technology Can Benefit Students and Educators, Callum McPhillips,UK
    3. The Webbing Sisters… Who Are they?, Patrizia De Caterina, Maria Antonietta Sessa, Angela Maria Vitale, Italy
    4. One Size Does Not Fit All, Abeer Ali Okaz, Egypt
  12. Lesson Ideas
    1. Didactic Activities to Develop Linguistic Abilities in English Language for Accounting and Finance Professionals, Yoana Rodríguez Rodríguez, Cuba
    2. The Three Sisters: Storytelling for Very Young Learners, Andreyana Kirova Tsoneva, Bulgaria
    3. Authentic Topical Texts for Advanced Secondary Learners, Anže Perne, Slovenia
    4. Everything is a Collocation, Believe Me!, William Godoy De La Rosa, Chile
    5. Creating Material for a Conversation Course, Ana Paula Brito, Brazil
    6. Understanding Epidemics Through CLIL, Y.L. Teresa Ting, Italy
    7. What Can ESL/EFL Teachers Do With COVID-19?, Corsica S. L. Kong, Hong Kong
    8. Activities Inspired  by FB Posts in the Times of Coronavirus, Hanna Kryszewska, Poland
  13. Golden Classics
    1. Using Motivational Games to Promote Students’ Participation, Mai Tran Thi Thanh, Vietnam
  14. The Creativity Group
    1. Teaching to Learn: Learning to Teach, Alan Maley, UK
  15. Voices
    1. On the Teaching of English in Matanzas Province, Cuba: Memories, Rolando Víctor Ramos Roque, Cuba
    2. How to Navigate in an EFL Class with Just Pen and Paper?, Ozge Ozgen, Turkey
  16. Publications 
    1. Book Review: Teaching English Today. Contexts and Objectives by Susan Holden and Vinicius Nobre, Katarina Zamborova, Slovakia
    2. Author’s Review: Teacher Wellbeing, Sarah Mercer and Tammy Gregersen, Oxford University Press
    3. DELTA Publishing
    4. Pavilion
    5. Ready to run
  17. Humour
    1. Teaching English with Humour: Johnny English Strikes Again, Sandi Ferdiansyah, country
  18. Poems 
    1. Falcon's Ashes, Arslan Tahir Qureshi, Pakistan
    2. Ode to….., Geroge Patterson, US/The Philippines
  19. To the Editor
  20. Our Partners
  21. Contrubutor's  guidelines