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June 2020 - Year 22 - Issue 3

ISSN 1755-9715

A Message for All Readers, Subscribers and Supporters of The Teacher Trainer Journal

Hello! First a little look back….

By 1986 I was working in the UK again after some years away. Mario Rinvolucri had suggested the idea of Pilgrims starting up a newsletter for teacher trainers. He asked me to be the editor. And so, in that Autumn, I put out a complimentary pilot issue called The Teacher Trainer Newsletter and we were off!

Now, in 2020, thirty-four years later, a different constellation of events has occurred.

Our wonderful, part-time, journal administrator, Marian Nicholson, has found herself a really interesting and very busy post. And your Editor would like to spend a bit more time on short story writing. So, Marian and I have given in our resignations together.

This means that after the Summer 2020, Volume 34 Number 2 issue of TTTJ, Chaz Pugliese will be taking over. Chaz has been connected to Pilgrims for a long time and is currently heading up Pilgrims Teacher Training.

The second set of new events involve the current pandemic of COVID-19.  This means that we have to change from printing and posting the next editions of the journal to sending you an electronic version, but of course, still with the same great content!

As TTTJ Editor, I have absolutely loved the job of getting people into print, especially newcomers to professional writing. I have had wonderful people to work with; administrators, graphic designers, printers, cartoonist, columnists, publishers, et al. I want to thank everyone from Mario onwards for giving me the chance to be the Editor for so long and for making things so pleasant and interesting. I also wish Chaz the same enjoyment as he takes the journal forward.

All good wishes

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  • Message from Chaz Pugliese, Director of Education and Teacher Training, Pilgrims
    Chaz Pugliese, France

  • A Message for All Readers, Subscribers and Supporters of The Teacher Trainer Journal
    Tessa Woodward, The Editor

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