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October 2019 - Year 21 - Issue 5

ISSN 1755-9715

Quotes by Rushan Ziatdinov

Rushan Ziatdinov is a professor of engineering, applied mathematics and education. He taught in Russia, Turkey and is teaching now in the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering, Keimyung University in Daegu, Republic of Korea. He holds a PhD degree from Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. E-mail:


1. When scientists disappear, the dark time begins.

2. Scientists, teachers and engineers are the most important members of society. Without them, we would return to the Stone Age.

3. What if 51% of society were Martians? Would we live according to their laws?

4. Mathematics is a large part of our life, but it is not life itself.

5. Manuscripts with great ideas are always short.

6. In life, as in the forest, there are many paths to choose, each one leading somewhere.

7. If you do not know where to go, then move towards the rising sun.

8. Modern food is a saw with which we cut off parts of our body.

9. Look for knowledge, not money. If you find knowledge, money will find you.

10. The one who cannot compare, cannot deeply understand.

11. If you want to forget about all your problems, play with children.

12. In the near future, the Internet will turn into a large black hole in which the search for necessary information will become an impossible task because most pages will not be indexed in search engines.

13. To write smart articles, one needs to think a lot.

14. Many people are disinterested in helping others; everywhere they seek benefits for themselves.

15. If everyone were smart, there would be no wars on Earth.

16. When I want to complain about someone or send an anonymous letter of complaint, I remember there are 2*N people around me, N of whom theoretically may dislike me and can complain about me too. Therefore, I strongly believe that the most optimal and humane way is to solve all problems and misunderstandings face-to-face.

17. The best teacher for a student is a person from the future because only he/she can teach what will be in demand years from now.

18. There must be absolute truths in the world that do not depend on the opinions of others.

19. The most effective management system is one based on humanity.

20. In the future, mastering different languages may lose meaning because artificial intelligence will deal with a certain percentage of translations.

21. Smart people must be uniformly distributed across societies; otherwise, some societies will become dull.

22. We live in a world of science. Everything you see around you was created by scientists, researchers and engineers.

23. When two scientists argue, science wins.

24. Time is the most ingenious and cruel invention of mankind.

25. Humans need to master new planets. There is nothing to do on Earth anymore.

26. Today, you are a man; tomorrow, you are a piece of clay that nobody needs.

27. Indifference and lack of compassion are the main flaws of modern man.

28. In the future, competition for marine debris will begin. The roads will be built from plastic junk.

29. A scientific article is a picture that a scientist draws.

30. A human is a dinosaur of our time.

31. All people should have equal opportunities. Ultimately, the graveyard will make us all equal.

32. In a fully automated world, a person will be bored.

33. Professors are very smart and experienced people who can create ideas for the future of humanity. Students are those who will be able to bring these ideas into our lives.

34. If you want to be creative, then be sensitive and open-minded to new things.

35. Wandering through the deserted streets of big cities at night, we often look for ourselves, lost in the bustle of modern life.

36. In the modern world, an educated person is one who can quickly acquire any information and even faster to relearn.

37. Live in harmony with nature, and it will inspire you with its miracles.

38. Learn quickly.

39. Always choose a difficult path, as it is rich in knowledge.

40. If your heart is heavy, then knock on your neighbour’s door.

41. While soaring high, do not forget that birds also fall.

42. The more you eat, the less you think.

43. A glass of good wine will help you see your desired dreams.

44. An engineer who does not know basic mathematics is like a bird who cannot fly.

45. Want to be happy? Make people happier than you are.

46. The more I live, the less I see the stars in the night sky.

47. The happiest morning is when you wake up from the trills of wonderful birds.

48. Strong is not the one who is rich, but the one who teaches the rich.

49. Drink more alcohol so it will remain less for good people.

50. Sad but true, the cell phone has become the best friend of humans.

51. You are reading text translated online. Think about the computers that control your life.

52. The minority should not live by the laws of the majority and vice versa. It is time to invent new arithmetic.

53. Sometimes you want to become a tree because it often receives a better attitude from people.

54. Beware of forests that do not smell.

55. In childhood we were often stung by bees. After we dirtied their fields, there is no one to sting.

56. Evil that conquers another evil is not always a good.

57. A good man has a shining face.

58. Kindness must fill the volume completely; otherwise, evil may settle there.

59. Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Such a question is not interesting to predators.    They will gladly eat both.

60. Evil people are not evil at all, they just are unfamiliar with kindness.

61. Sometimes it seems that a person, looking at a monitor screen, is watching what is happening in the world where he lived until his death. A monitor became a tombstone for many people.

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