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October 2022 - Year 24 - Issue 5

ISSN 1755-9715

Ready to Run Launches Primary ELT Video Catalogue

What is Ready to Run?

Multi award winning Ready to Run has launched a new ELT/ELL catalogue of authentic videos targeting English language learners between the ages of 5 and 11. The collection is graded to Cambridge Young Learners Certification goals of Starters, Movers and Flyers.

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Since launching in 2018 the Ready to Run video catalogue has become a central resource for English language course creators in publishing and digital learning. Worldwide some 50 million secondary and adult students already experience Ready to Run video in classrooms, on platforms and in self-study apps. Ready to Run video features real world stories, graded for learners, and is supplied with dedicated resources for teachers and learners.

Adam Salkeld, director and cofounder of DLA, the company behind Ready to Run said:

Ready to Run Primary fills a pressing need in the ELT sector for authentic story-led video that fires younger children’s curiosity about the world and the possibilities of English. We have worked hard to find real stories and experiences that are relatable to young learners while at the same time expanding their horizons”.

Stephen Haggard, DLA director and cofounder added:

“World class video has become the X-Factor in course adoption and marketing. The Ready to Run licensing model is designed to take the pain out of video acquisition for our partners when they are creating courses, apps and learning platforms. We are proud to be extending this unique service to the growing global market for English learning at Pre-Primary and Primary learning.”

The new catalogue features stories from around the globe and a range of English speakers, native and non-native, giving learners a wide experience of real accents within a levelled environment. Ready to Run has taken great care to feature children and children’s voices throughout. Diversity and inclusion have been key priorities in the catalogue. The result is a global spread of stories and experiences as well as units that feature neurodiversity, disability and reducing inequality. 


Sample clips from the catalogue

Learning to Koala - Starters level video for learners from age 5 upwards that follows Imogen the baby koala as she learns about life and those around her. The video supports students making simple sentences and contains animal and relationship vocabulary.  Learner and Teacher Resources.

Cricket in the Andes - Movers level video about a children's cricket team in Peru. Plenty of vocabulary around fitness and sport. Learner and Teacher Resources

Moon Dreams - Flyers level video set in Mumbai and telling the story of Sandhya who wants to be a space scientist. Introduces use of “could”. Learner and Teacher Resources.

Ready to Run for Young Learners has been produced to support contemporary themes in English learning such as coverage of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The videos are aligned with relevant SDGs and teacher support includes suggestions on how to provide SDG learning outcomes for each video. Social Emotional Learning is another theme that many of the videos can support. Relevant titles have been aligned to the CASEL Framework and Ready to Run will be introducing specialist SEL resource packs to accompany the catalogue later this year.  

Elena Deleyto, Ready to Run’s Head of Product said:

“We never forget that our partners are in the business of English learning. Each video comes with a lesson plan and student resources that deliver defined English learning outcomes. We have worked with experts in primary ELT to ensure there is a clear progression from younger learners through to pre-teens. Themes like SEL and SDGs are introduced in our pedagogy as natural outcomes from the videos - we believe that a strong story is the best launchpad for effective learning in these areas”    

The online Ready to Run Young Learners catalogue contains 55 videos, any selection of which can be licensed immediately for terms of between 6 months and 10 years on either a worldwide or single country/territory basis.


Find out more about Ready to Run for Young Learners here

Digital Learning Associates (DLA) is a global provider of authentic video and digital learning resources for ELT. The company’s flagship Ready to Run video-led learning catalogue won the 2019 ELTons Award for Innovation in Learner Resources and in the 2021 ELTons DLA won a Judge’s Commendation for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.



Adam Salkeld

Stephen Haggard


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