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October 2022 - Year 24 - Issue 5

ISSN 1755-9715



Pilgrims News

  1. A Letter from Chaz Pugliese, Director of Education and Teacher Training, Pilgrims
  2. Call for Papers

Various Articles - YL

  1. Interactive Storytelling in ELT – Why and How?, Mercedes Pérez Berbain, Argentina
  2. Mediation and Young Learners, Tanja Marzidovšek, Slovenia

Various Articles - Language Skills for Academic English 

  1. English Language Education Program (ELEP): Students’ Perspectives on Online Poster Presentation in Academic Speaking Course, Vita Adista Pratiwi  and Listyani, Indonesia 

Various Articles - Inclusion

  1. English For All, Ozgu Ozturk, Turkey

Various Articles - General

  1. Beliefs and Language Learning, Bahar Kızıltunalı, Turkey
  2. Positive Language Education: Teaching Beyond Language, Sonja Babic, Katharina Platzer, Johanna Gruber, Sarah Mercer, Austria 

Various Articles - For Teacher Trainers

  1. Applying TESOL Methodology Not Only to Business English Classes Within the Learner-centred Approach, Katarína Zamborová, Slovakia
  2. Evaluating University Staff Teaching Capabilities Utilizing Associative Rule Analysis, Rasha Osman Abdel Haliem Osman, Egypt

Various Articles - Language

  1. Nurses’ Standard English Communication Difficulties: Native Undergraduate and Non-Native, Robin Usher, Hungary
  2. World Englishes and Memories, Victor Carreão, Brazil

21st Century Skills

  1. Top 5 Tips For Teaching English Online, Simon Dunton, UK
  2. EFL Teachers Experience in Conducting Effective Learning Activity During COVID-19 Outbreak, Anda Roofi’ Kusumaningrum, Andhika Wahyu Rustamaji, Eric Dheva Tachta Armada, and Rahmadilla Kurniasari, Indonesia
  3. Teacher and Student Images for Forced Online Education, Heather M. Austin, Japan Mary Jane M. Ozkurkudis, Turkey

Lesson Ideas

  1. Teaching for a Better Tomorrow with Tales of Strays, Margarita Kosior, Greece/Poland
  2. Tales of Strays: A Compilation of Lesson Plans
  3. The Didactic Usefulness of Proverbs in ELT Classes, Bencherab, UAE and Cigdem Cetiner, Turkey
  4. Academic Writing, Mahmoud Sultan Nafa, UAE
  5. The Tutor in In–Company Training: An Experience in an Oil Exploration and Extraction Company in Cuba, Dora Mirta Troitiño Díaz, Cuba

Golden Classics

  1. Poems to Stories, John Kay, UK

The Creativity Group

  1. The New Normal: The Queen of Decluttering Visits Her  First Client After Lockdown, Jill Hadfield, New Zealand
  2. Becoming Community-Engaged Educators: Engaging Students Within and Beyond the Classroom Walls  by George M Jacobs and Graham V Crookes (Editors), reviewed by Alan Maley, UK
  3. The DAU DAU PROJECT.  Reflections on working as Mentors for the Simon Greenall Award 2021- 2022, Charlie and Jill Hadfield, New Zealand


  1. Why Will Private Tutoring Be the Next Colossal Trend in the Education Industry?, Vinisha Joshi, India
  2. Mixing It Up, Ken Paterson, UK


  1. Short Book Reviews, Hanna Kryszewska, Poland
  2. Ready to Run Launches Primary ELT Video Catalogue
  3. Tune into English, Fergal Kavanagh, Italy


  1. TESTING TIMES - A Special Boris Johnson Resignation Edition: The Boris Johnson Taxonomy of Failure Excuses, Geoff Trantner, Germany

Poems from C Group

  1. Four Poems, Phuong Le, Vietnam

To the Editor