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October 2019 - Year 21 - Issue 5

ISSN 1755-9715

Pilgrims News: Hi from Pilgrims Teacher Training Family HQ!

This time of year is ‘in-between’ for Pilgrims

On the one hand we have trainers at international conferences such as Hania, Magda, Marta and Lizzie at IATEFL Poland, Mike Shreeve at BESIG in Germany, Stefy and Phil Dexter will be touring Italy in November, whilst in the office here we’re busy planning and trying to slot in all the courses, brochures, website etc. for 2020.

So while we’re not quite ready to tell you about all the new courses for next year I can tell you some exciting developments on the horizon.


Coming soon!

1. The Pilgrims Teacher Training App for your mobile device! Initially available only on Playstore for Android (Apple is excruciatingly slow at approving new apps)!

Download the app for free, you’ll get a weekly classic article from the archives of Pilgrims, they might be old but they’re still instantly usable and useful! You’ll get interviews and views from the team, if you’re booking a course for Pilgrims, all the maps, directions, tips and info you’ll need to get to Pilgrims will be there. You’ll even be able top keep up to date with changes to the activities programme when you’re on you course, and there’ll be an online bookshop where you can buy Pilgrims books at special Pilgrims family prices! Finally there’ll be Pilgrims events notifications, so you’ll be able to track where and when Pilgrims will be running teacher training events in your area!

2. 2020 courses – these will be finalised very shortly and will be on our website very soon!

3. Online personal mentoring – with Jennifer Schmidt a Spain based teacher trainer and mentor is working with Pilgrims to create a very special one-to-one online mentoring and coaching programme which aims to use Growth mindset to help you and your students! There’ll also be a one week course in Growth Mindset at Pilgrims summer 2020. An area we are developing more and more!

Finally – we’re looking for teachers who’ve been to Pilgrims before to help us promote Pilgrims to other teachers – particularly in Erasmus+ EU countries – see the ad. Below- (ANTON PLEASE INSERT ATTACHED JPEG)

So lots happening, in an uncertain world where our politics become more and more fragmented, you can be sure Pilgrims keep on innovating and finding more ways to keep our passion alive – to help every single teacher have the support and appreciation they

Pilgrims - we love inspiring and moving people so that they can inspire and move others.



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