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June 2023 - Year 25 - Issue 3

ISSN ISSN 1755-9715



Pilgrims News

  1. Message from Chaz Pugliese, Director of Education and Teacher Training, Pilgrims. 
  2. New Issue of the Teacher Trainer Journal from Pilgrims

Various Articles - Learning Environments and Psychology

  1. Self-esteem Bingo: Building Our Learners’ Psychological Resources in the ESOL Classroom, Orsolya Dunn, Scotland

Various Articles - SEN

  1. How to Bring English as a Foreign Language to Hospitalized Primary School Students, Giorgia Fattori, Italy
  2. Strategies for Assisting English Language Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties (SLDs) in the Writing Centre, Jimalee Sowell, US

Various Articles - Learning Languages

  1. Teaching Ourselves a Language: Checkpoint on the Path of Self-Instructed Language Learners, Timothy M. Cook, Japan
  2. Teaching the Use of the Mother Tongue in French Language Training for Adults in Algeria, Mohamed Gacemi, Algéria

21st Century Skills

  1. An Online School Magazine in English, Valentina Batagelj, Slovenia
  2. Reviving Arts to Promote Self-Expressions in English Language Classroom, Sirhajwan Idek, Malaysia
  3. Exploring English Teacher’s Perspectives on the Relevance of Teaching Entrepreneurship in Freshman Year, Rasha Osman Abd el Haliem, Egypt

Lesson Ideas

  1. Dara and Friends - for Young Readers of Fairy Tales, Rostislava Grozdeva, Bulgaria
  2. A Poem-based Activity, John Kay, UK
  3. SEO Scout in a Writing Task: Scouting Out the Way to Write a Lead Section in a Wikipedia Article, Ronnakrit Rangsarittikun, Thailand
  4. Spin the Question, Pak Man Au, Canada
  5. Peer Reviewing in Writing: An Ongoing Activity, Anila R. Scott-Monkhouse, Italy
  6. Stepping Off of the Eternal Phonics Treadmill, George Loetter, South Africa
  7. Problems of Using Gerunds to Open Sentences in Academic Writing, Lander Hawes, UK
  8. Corpus-based Teaching Materials for Oil and Gas Students, Musaeva Fariza, Uzbekistan

Golden Classics

  1. Book Review - Dictation: New Methods, New Possibilities by Paul Davis and Mario Rinvolucri, Stephen Tarbuck, Poland

The Creativity Group

  1. Mr Montgomery's Moustache, by Jamie Keddie, Spain


  1. Portrait of the English Language Torture, Robin Usher, Hungary


  1. Why I Wrote “English is a Simple Language”, Christopher Walker, Poland
  2. New Titles from Crown House Publishing: Nature-Based Learning: Improving learning and well-being by teaching with nature in mind by Alexia Barrable and Botheredness®: Stories, stance and pedagogy by Hywel Roberts
  3. Tune into English, Fergal Kavanagh, Italy


  1. Ideas from Michael Leunig Appreciation Page, found by Hanna Kryszewska, Poland


  1. Some Poems, Marc Carver, UK

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