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Oct 2018 - Year 20 - Issue 5

ISSN 1755-9715




Pilgrims News


Various Articles


Large Classes

Adapting Activities for Large Classes: Many Hands Make the Bonfire Brighter, 贾华 Jia Hua, 黄捷 Huang Jie, 邓玉兰 Deng Yulan, 田美娟Tian Meijuan,  彭碧芬Peng Bifen, 邹欣Zou Xin, China


Adult/ Reading

Bottom Up Matters with Reading, Jackie Spencer, Australia


Adult/ Speaking

Mobile Phone-ology: Exploring Two Different Apps which Provide Extra Speaking Practice, Nicola Turman, Australia



Giving Explicit Feedback on Spoken Errors - the More the Better, Gabrielle Luoni, Australia


Adult/ Writing

1 Collaborative Writing for Academic English, Jonathan Collett, Australia

2 Using Questions to Enhance Critical Thinking in Academic Writing, Giselle Carnemolla, Australia

3 The Roger Federer Club* – or How Extensive Writing Can Help Language Students, Vahida Berberovic and Ann-Charlotte Stent, Australia

4 Improving Grammatical Accuracy in the Writing of Pre-intermediate Students,  Jeff Millar, Australia


Adult/ Drama

Pedagogical Puppetry: Playful Tools to Engage Adult Learners of English, Aurora Murphy, Australia



Interview Data in Action Research, Neil England, Australia



11 Quirky Grammar Vignettes, Franca Turrin, Australia



12 Applying Mindfulness in ESL to Address Student Focus, Leigh Morgan, Australia

13 Remembering Manus, Judith Reen, Australia


21st Century Skills

1 Literature to Expand Possibilities of Developing Abstraction, Eugenia Carrión Cantón, Argentina

2 Working Together on a Project, Paola Diotallevi, Italy

3 Creativity as the Key to Linguistic Competence and Life Skills, Marlene Rebecca Gumhold, Austria

4 How Creative are Your Classes?, Victoria Șerban, Romania



Lesson Ideas

1 Brief Acquaintanceship, Fauziah Ratna Hapsari, Indonesia

2 On the Story of The Happy Prince by Oscar Wild (Chapter 3), Iryna Wojtiuk, Poland

3 Vocabulary Lesson on Clothes and Fashion Combined with Productive Skills  - Writing and Speaking, Lydia Ciola, Belgium


Golden Classics

A Variation on an Old Activity: Present Perfect Spaces and Weathers, Judith Baker, Australia 


The Creativity Group

Art and Creative Thinking in ELT, Chrysa Papalazarou, Greece



1 Remembering Simon Greenall

2. EVE: An Idea Whose Time Has Come, Sue Leather, UK

3 The Welsh are NOT English, Mario Rinvolucri, UK



1 Game in Teaching of Russian as a Foreign Language. Exploration of Game as an Educational Phenomenon, reviewed by Zhivka Ilieva, Bulgaria

2 Short Book Reviews, Hanna Kryszewska, Poland

3 Teaching English through Drama, Shaun MacLoughlin, United Kingdom

4 My Child’s Different: The lessons learned from one family’s struggle to unlock their son’s potential, by Elaine Halligan, Crown House Publishing

5 The Purrfect Pawse. A little book to help children pause, stretch and be grateful, from Crown House Publishing



I Forgot How to School: “school torture" and "the importance of studying", Thomas Belvedere, Italy



1 Selected Poems, Rod Gibson, Australia  WAITING

2 More Selected Poems of Love Liberation & Beauty, George Patterson, US


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