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April 2020 - Year 22 - Issue 2

ISSN 1755-9715


Originally launched in the autumn of 2003, DOS-ELTea is independent teacher development centre, the first of its kind on the Polish educational market, providing unique professional support services for public and private language schools, universities, and other types of foreign language teaching institutions. The brainchild of Marta Rosinska and Grzegorz Spiewak, two highly experienced and active teacher trainers and project leaders, DOS-ELTea boasts an unrivalled team of teacher trainers, methodology advisers, authors and lecturers.

The mission of DOS-ELTea is to offer viable, attractive teacher development solutions, which range from intensive, in-house workshops and other sorts of bespoke sessions, to large scale, teacher training events as well as regional and national conferences. The latter includes, among many others, the innovative and highly popular ELT Masters in Action conference series, which gave Polish teachers the opportunity to work with some of the greatest experts in the ELT field, such as Scott Thornbury, Luke Prodromou, Philip Kerr, Russell Stannard, or Robin Walker. More recently DOS ELtea has also developed several more sustained professional development programmes, incl. ELT Author Academy and Teacher Trainer Academy. The latter was shortlisted for the 2016 ELTON Local Innovation award.

Over the years DOS-ELTea has forged lasting project partnerships with virtually all key institutions, including British Council Poland, IATEFL Poland, Pilgrims, Trinity language Centre, TELC, and ELTJam – to name but a few. We have also cooperated closely with major international publishers and key Polish universities.

DOS-ELTea is also the organization behind High Impact Teachers, one of the most active and fastest-growing professional groups on Polish Facebook (link:

Its latest, arguably most ambitious project to-date, is ROK RELACJI W EDUKACJI (‘A Year of Relations in Education’)

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