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August 2018 - Year 20 - Issue 4

ISSN 1755-9715


1 Editorial

2 Pilgrims News

3 Various Articles


1 Phonics for Free: Using Recycled Materials in Resource-impoverished Schools, Sunee Steyn and Stephen Louw, Thailand, and Thoeun Malin, Cambodia

2 A School Day in a Village in Nepal, Annette Kurz, Germany


3 Cohesion and Coherence: Teaching Writing in English to Chinese High School Learners, Lingzhu Ji and Jianyu Qiao, P.R. China

4 Reading Comprehension Strategies: The Neglected Tools (…)Viviana N. Miglino, Argentina


5 The Official Letter as a Junction of Three Genres, Bat-Zion Yemini, Israel

6 The ESP Manual: Principles of Designing Study Materials, Boryana T. Ruzhekova-Rogozherova, Bulgaria

7 Changes in Self-Efficacy Beliefs of International Student-Writers on the EAP Foundation Programme, Diana Mazgutova, United Kingdom


8 Errors of Bulgarian Learners Studying English Present Tenses, Kornelia Choroleeva, Bulgaria


9 English Language Education in Sri Lanka Link with the Learners’ Motivational Factors, Nilushika Prasangani Kariyawasam Sittarage, Sri Lanka

10 Black Education in English Language Teaching, Robin Usher, Saudi Arabia

11 Performance Anxiety: Living with the Stage Fright of Being a Language Teacher, Edward Crabtree, UK


4 21st Century Skills

  1. Creativity with IT: Using Edpuzzle, Martin Cooke, UK and Taiwan
  2. Students Use Webtools and Create Interactive Games Based on Museums, Eleni Tsagari, Greece


5 Lesson Ideas

  1. Relative Clauses: Crossing the Portal, Sinan Çakmak, Turkey
  2. Teaching The Second Conditional with an Authentic Text, Saziye Müge Uysal, Turkey
  3. Creative Use of Literature in the Classroom: Modern Poetry, Emese Enyedi, Hungary
  4. Two Interactive Skype Lessons, Minka Paraskevova, Bulgaria


6 Golden Classics

Creative Writing Exercises, Mario Rinvolucri, UK


7 The Creativity Group

Life is full of surprises – True Stories from the Past to the Present, Danny Singh,, UK and Italy


8 Voices

  1. Retired EFL Teacher-Trainer Goes to One-to-One French Lessons, Mario Rinvolucri, UK
  2. The Role of Creativity in the Classroom, Viviana N.Miglino, Argentina
  3. Creativity in My Classroom, Eleni Tsagari, Greece


9 Publications

  1. Authenticity in Materials Development for Language Learning, (eds)Alan Maley & Brian Tomlinson, reviewed by Rod Bolitho, UK
  2. Short Book Reviews, Hanna Kryszewska, Poland
  3. A Select Review of Some Popular ELT Coursebooks, Robin Usher, Saudi Arabia
  4. Talking Images: Idioms  by Lucy Holmes and Sharlene Matharu
  5. Best Practices for Blended Learning by Pete Sharma and Barney Barrett, Pavilion Publishing
  6. The Working Class. Poverty, Education and Alternative Voices, edited by Ian Gilbert, Independent Thinking Press


10 Humour

Turn it off and Read a Book, found online by Hania Kryszewska, Poland


11 Poems

  1. The Poem, Alan Maley, UK
  2. Bi-lingual Poem Writing as a Learning Tool, Mario Rinvolucri, UK


12 To the Editor

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