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February 2021 - Year 23 - Issue 1

ISSN 1755-9715


  1. Editorial
  2. Pilgrims News
    1. Message from Chaz Pugliese 
  3. Various Articles - Skills
    1. Meaning-based Feedback to Support Students’ Written Language Development, Phil Chappell, Australia
    2. Combining Timed Reading Tasks with the Academic Reading Circles Approach, Martin Cooke, Taiwan
    3. Exploring the Effects of Comics in Communication, Hoang Giang Trieu, Vietnam
  4. Various Articles - Classroom practice
    1. Anxiety in the Foreign Language Class: An Action Research Program Focused on Academic Staff and Students, Michelle Ocriciano, Australia
    2. Five Sustainable Practices from Action Tesearch to Enrich Your Everyday Teaching, Jennifer Wallace, Australia
  5. Various Articles - Teacher training
    1. The Pencil Case Challenge, Anna Hasper and Sarah Chamberlain, Australia
    2. Digressions of a Tentative Teacher Trainer…, Sandra Pitronaci, Australia
  6. Various Articles - General
    1. Managing Beyond COVID – Organizational Learning?, Gerhard Erasmus, Australia
  7. 21st Century Skills
    1. 99 Ways to Engage Students in Unprecedented Times, Virginia Mawer, Australia
    2. Encouraging Critical Thinking Through a Dialogic Teaching Approach in the Beginner-level English Classroom, Skye Playsted, Australia
  8. Lesson Ideas
    1. Emergency Remote Teaching: Teacher Reflections and Teaching Ideas, Faezeh Mehrang, New Zealand
    2. My Poems for Teaching Some Grammatical Points, Anh T. Ton Nu, Australia
  9. Golden Classics
    1. Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?, Sandra Piai, UK
  10. The Creativity Group
    1. Splinters Poems by Alan Maley, review by Andrew Wright, Hungary
    2. The Asia Teacher-Writers’ Group: Recent Events, Alan Maley, UK
  11. Voices
    1. CELTA in the Time of Covid – A Personal Experience, Yulianto Lukito and Jo Roberts, Australia
  12. Publications
    1. Review of: Expanding Literacy Practices across Multiple Modes and Languages for Multilingual Students, Amber Deig, US
    2. Short Book Reviews, Hanna Kryszewska, Poland
    3. New Title from Crown House: Emotional Literacy
    4. New Title from Crown House Publishing: Making Every RE Count
    5. Delta Publishing: New Term, New Books
  13. Humour
    1. Humor with ‘U’,  P. Y. Menudos, Australia
    2. Testing Times: Xmas No-Deal. 2020 Edition, Geoff Tranter, Germany
  14. Poems 
    1. Wondrous Room, Arslan Qureshi, Pakistan
  15. To the Editor