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February 2023 - Year 25 - Issue 1

ISSN 1755-9715



Pilgrims News

  1. Pilgrims News: Letter from Chaz Pugliese, Director of Education and Teacher Training, Pilgrims
  2. MATSDA Conference

Various Articles - Motivation 

  1. Visual Representations as a Means to Motivate Students and Curb Feelings of Isolation in Distance Learning, Alena Hradilová and Barbora Chovancová, the Czech Republic
  2. Why Emotions Matter in Language Learning, Linda Doleží, the Czech Republic
  3. Lust for Learning, Lust for Life: Motivation and Beliefs of Successful Older Learners of English, Jana Kubrická, the Czech Republic
  4. My Goals: Setting Personal Learning Goals to Promote Learners’ Involvement, Eva Zavadilová, the Czech Republic

Various Articles - Feedback

  1. Scaffolding Presentation Skills with Peer Feedback and Assessment, Blanka Pojslová, the Czech Republic
  2. Feedback Time, The Time of Learning: Guiding a STEM-oriented Presenter in Learning to Self-reflect, Eva Rudolfová and Marcela Sekanina Vavřinová, the Czech Republic
  3. Enhancing Teacher Feedback on Student Writing with SkELL, Blanka Pojslová, the Czech Republic

Various Articles - Methods and approaches

  1. Exploring Technical Vocabulary in the ESP Classroom with Sketch Engine, Jana Kubrická, the Czech Republic
  2. A Stitch (of Self-regulated Learning) in Time Saves Nine, Martina Šindelářová Skupeňová, the Czech Republic
  3. Raising Students´ Employability by Targeting Transferable Skills in Task-based Teaching, Dita Hochmanová, the Czech Republic

21st Century Skills

  1. Escape Game as a Revision Tool, Katka Chudová, the Czech Republic
  2. Casting a Podcasting Spell: Legal English Podcasts International, Štěpánka Bilová, Radmila Doupovcová and Barbora Chovancová, the Czech Republic
  3. From Genes to Memes: Meme-based Activities in the ESP Classroom, Markéta Dudová, the Czech Republic

Lesson Ideas

  1. Business News: A Short Activity for Students of Business English, Ladislav Václavík, the Czech Republic
  2. Disbarred Barristers and the Like: A Creative Take on the Third Conditional, Štěpánka Bilová, Radmila Doupovcová and Barbora Chovancová, the Czech Republic
  3. Creative Group Exercises as an Educational Tool in Teaching Professional Language, Natália Gachallová and Andrea Salayová, the Czech Republic
  4. Internationalizing the (Legal Spanish) Curriculum – Three Activities to Nurture Motivation and Intercultural Competence, Veronika De Azevedo Camacho, the Czech Republic
  5. Authenticity in Teaching ESP Genre-Based Writing – When Does It Work?, Veronika Dvořáčková, the Czech Republic
  6. Asking the “Big Questions” about Academic Writing: A Lesson Plan and Some Reflections, Joe Lennon, the Czech Republic
  7. Where to Start? Discussing Academic Writing, David Zelený, the Czech Republic

Golden Classics

  1. Introduction to Word and Sentence Stress, Antonín Zita, the Czech Republic
  2. Problem-solving Using Visuals: The Spread of a Rumour, Eva Čoupková, the Czech Republic
  3. Role-play in Biochemistry Debate, Daniela Dlabolová, the Czech Republic

The Creativity Group

  1. Gonna, Jamie Keddie, Spain
  2. A Letter to HLT and Fellow Teachers Worldwide: Engaging Students Takes More Time than Telling Them, Andrew Wright, Hungary


  1. Language Learning Histories – What Do They Tell Us About Our Students’ Learning?, Petra Trávníková, the Czech Republic


  1. Training Teachers to Write Materials, John Hughes, UK
  2. From ELI Online: Digital Literacies in ELT - A Busy Digital World, Andy Cowle, UK
  3. Teaching English with Authentic Video - New CPD Course from Ready to Run and NILE 
  4. Short Book Reviews, Hanna (Hania)  Kryszewska, Poland
  5. From a Retired TEFLer: Helleyer’s Line,  Philip Prowse, UK


  1. Testing Times: Whistleblown Excerpts from Luzz Truss’ LINKEDIN Account September/October 2022, Geoff Trantner, Germany


  1. Poloniaikus, Alan Maley, UK

To the Editor