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December 2020 - Year 22 - Issue 6

ISSN 1755-9715


  1. Editorial
  2. Pilgrims News
  3. Various Articles - Materials
    1. Using Authentic Materials in Classrooms: Advantages and Challenges, Al-Mahanad Albadi,  Oman
  4. Various Articles - Writing skills
    1. EFL Student Story Writing: A Valuable Discovery, Phuong Le, Vietnam
  5. Various Articles - Exams
    1. A Humanistic Approach to Teaching for Exams: Going Inside, Above and Beyond, Toni Le (Hung Hoang Le), Vietnam
    2. Computerised or Face-to-face Oral Testing? A Tutor’s critical Reflection of Japanese Beginners’ Test Experience and Learner Anxiety, Julian Chen, Hiroshi Hasegawa and Teagan Collopy, Australia
  6. Various Articles - Study skills
    1. The Effectiveness of Self-studying Strategies in Language Learning, Şükrü Yiğit Salihoğlu, Turkey
  7. Various Articles - Online teaching
    1. Three Ideas  For Making A Success of Online Teaching, Christopher Walker, Poland
    2. Humanising Distance Teaching and Teacher Training, Marina Marinova, Germany
    3. Blogging to Enhance ESL Teaching/Learning, Rasha Osman  Abdel Haliem Osman, Egypt
  8. Various Articles - Teacher Training
    1. Twelve Important Traits of an Ideal EFL Teacher, Brooks Slaybaugh, Japan
    2. Authenticity of Language Teacher: A Cinderella Concept in ELT, Amir Sarkeshikian, Iran
  9. Various Articles - Coaching
    1. Not Listening – an Apology: Listening Authentically in the Context of Ontological Coaching for Adult ESOL Users, Robert Feather, UK
    2. Ontological Coaching for ESOL Speakers in Professional Life, Robert Feather, UK
  10. 21st Century Skills; Ecology and Sustainability
    1. Fish is Fish – Making the Most of a Story with a Twist, Uwe Pohl, Hungary
    2. Forests and Climate Change in Canada, Bill Bhaneja, Canada
    3. On Activating Students’ Background Knowledge: Marine Debris, Radhwan Munir Ahmed, UAE
    4. Working Towards Peace through Peace Education and Transnational Writing Education, Jimalee Sowell, US and Danning Liang, China
  11. Lesson Ideas
    1. Ten Tips and Ideas for Your Christmas Lessons From ETpedia
    2. ‘Speaking’ in Isolation: 20 Topics to Get Your Students to Speak in Class or Online, Sezgi Yalın, Northern Cyprus/USA
    3. Improvised Story Telling, Peter Dyer, France
    4. Plurilingual Storytelling, Rosmarie de Monte Frick, Italy
  12. Golden Classics
    1. Suggestopedia: The Theory and its Practical Implications, Lonny Gold, Canada /France
  13. The Creativity Group
    1. Stories in Business, Andrew Wright, Hungary
  14. Voices
    1. Some Reflections, George Bradford Patterson, US
    2. English Language Teaching in China, Robin Usher, Saudi Arabia
  15. Publications
    1. Short Book Reviews,Hanna Kryszewska, Poland
    2. New Freely-available Titles about and for Teachers' Professional Development
    3. Your Spiritual Journey A Travel Guide, Henk Van Oort, The Netherlands
    4. Tune into English – New Downloads,  Fergal Kavanagh, Italy
  16. Humour
    1. Christmas Cracker Drill, submitted by Philip Prowse, UK
    2. Testing Times, Geoff Tranter, Germany
  17. Poems
    1. Never, Mahnaz Ezhdehakosh, Iran
  18. To the Editor
  19. Our Partners