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Apr 2019 - Year 21 - Issue 2

ISSN 1755-9715




Pilgrims News

1  Bonnie Tsai Scholarship – Winner Announced

2 A Modern Pilgrimage, Ben Gwillim, Slovakia

3 Conferences


Various Articles


Young Learners

1 Making a Book, Andrew Wright, Hungary

2 Five Thoughts about Teaching Children, Lucy Crichton, Brazil


Older Adults

3 Teaching Older Adults, Marina González, Argentina



4 Humanizing Pronunciation, Mark Hancock, UK



5 Drama Works! SPICE up your ELT Classes with Educational Drama, Susan Hillyard, UK


Helping learning

6 Listening: Problems from Learners’ Perspectives, Annie McDonald, UK

7 Learner Autonomy: Research and Practice, Jo Mynard, Japan

8 Creating a Thinking Environment for English Language Learners, Michelle Hunter, Germany

9 Community Counts. Reflecting on the Power of Relationships, Motivation and Connection in the Classroom and Beyond, Sarah Elizabeth Sprague, Brazil

10 How to Teach Demotivated Students by Humanising Language Teaching, Susan Brodar, Italy

11 Understanding Scaffolding and Organic Mediation, Dr. Gabriel Díaz Maggioli, Uruguay

12 Overcoming the Speaking Headache: A Speaking Project Idea, Maria-Araxi Sachpazian, Greece


The Teaching Profession and Education

13 Sailing to Success: The Motivational Seascape of English Language Teachers’ Associations, Beatrix Price, Hungary

14 Continuous Professional Development: The Dos and Don'ts, Grazzia Maria Mendoza, Honduras

15 Stopped Teaching? Don’t Stop Developing!, Sandy Millin, UK and Poland

16 On Growing Older, Becoming Bolder and Teaching On, Valéria Benévolo França, Brazil

17 A Paper for The Operation of the New School, Roy Andersen, UK


English as Lingua Franca

18 (Business) English as a Lingua Franca and the CEFR Companion Volume - Implications for the classroom, Katrin Lichterfeld, Germany

19 How To Make James Slow Down On That Call Without Apologising For Your ‘Bad’ English, Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat, UK


21st Century Skills

1 What does Project-based Learning (PBL) Look Like Inside a Language Classroom, Louise Emma Potter, Brazil

2 Creative Writing for Creative Reading, Alan Pulverness, UK

3 Story Prompts for Reluctant Writers, Walton Burns, USA


Lesson Ideas

1 How to Teach Tracks: A Critique of the Uses of Songs and Song Lyrics, with Advice and Suggestions for Enhanced Usage, Chris Walklett, UK

2 Cultural Interaction at Your Fingertips, Oksana Hera, Ukraine

3 How to Prepare International Professionals for Presentations in English, Steven Hobson, Portugal


Golden Classics

Creative Writing Exercises of Paul Matthews, a Steinerian** Genius, Mario Rinvolucri, UK


The Creativity Group

Developing English Language Teaching Metaphorical Associative Cards (ELTMAC): Complete Report, Richard J. Stockton, Indonesia



1 On (or Off) Song? Are Producers of Materials Using Songs and Song Lyrics Making the Most of this Resource’s Potential?, Chris Walklett, UK

2 Building Rapport with Students: So Much More than a 'Good Class', Karin Heuert Galvão, Brazil

3 Learning Styles: Controversies, Misconceptions, and Definitions, Marjorie Rosenberg, Austria

4 The Irreplaceable Human, Rob Szabo, Germany

5 Reflective Teaching: An Indispensable Tool for Effective Teachers, Fatmah Ali, Saudi Arabia



1 Short Book Reviews, Hanna Kryszewska, Poland

2 Writing for a Targeted Audience, Dorothy Zemach, USA

3 Teacher>Author>Publisher>Teacher? From Ideas to Reality, Susan Holden, UK

4 A Day in the Life of an ELT Editor, Lyn Strutt, UK



I Forgot How to School: “Creative writing”, Thomas Belvedere, Italy



Linking Worlds, Magdalena Brzezińska, Poland


To the Editor


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