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December 2019 - Year 21 - Issue 6

ISSN 1755-9715


  1. Editorial
  2. Pilgrims News
    1.  Jim Wright (†16th November 2019) - Principal of Pilgrims: The Man Who Made a Tremendous Contribution to Pilgrims and to ELT More Widely
    2. Conference
  3. Various Articles - Young Learners
    1. Teaching Young Learners in Korea: Adapting the Syllabus and Materials to Meet Their Needs, Jamie Jackson, South Korea
  4. Various Articles - Vocabulary/ Error correction
    1. Using a Corpus for Post-writing Corrective Feedback on Word-choice Errors, Shaun Justin Manning, South Korea
  5. Various Articles - Grammar
    1. Examining the ZPD and Contingent Teaching in a University EFL Grammar Class in South Korea, Tyson Alexander Vieira, South Korea/US
  6. Various Articles - Writing
    1. The Case for Providing Institutional Support for Student Writing at HUFS, Boryung Choi, Dahoon Song, Hanjoon Lee, Max Watson, South Korea
  7. Various Articles - Motivation/Speaking
    1. Role-Playing: Game-based Learning, Michael Armstrong, South Korea
    2. English Language Acquisition of a 6th Grade Korean Student: A Case Study, Stephanie Ptak, South Korea
    3. A New Take on Debate: A Five-Step Approach to Discussing Policy Debates, Michael Heinz, USA
    4. Be a Coach, Not a Teacher, Robert Sawlor, Canada/ South Korea
  8. Various Articles - Body Language
    1. Nonverbal Signaling in the EFL Classroom: Implications for English Teaching in South Korea, Kelsey Ulrich-Verslycken, South Korea
  9. Various Articles - Approaches and Methods
    1. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Task-based Learning and Teaching (TBLT): An Action Research, Luke O’Duffy, UK/South Korea
    2. CCQs and ICQs in the Korean Educational Context: Some Practical Tips, Andrew Griffiths, South Korea
    3. EAP Outcomes, Instruction and Future Directions at the University level in Korea, Richard Prasad and Chris Kobylinski, South Korea
  10. 21st Century Skills - Technology
    1. Content-based Instruction: Application of Knowledge of Manual Camera Settings, Ed Topliffe, South Korea
    2. An Aggregated Automated Anonymized Assignment Collection (A4C) System for Translation Classes, Daniel Svoboda, South Korea
    3. Using Online Collaborative Writing to Illustrate Research Skills, Richard Prasad, South Korea
  11. 21st Century Skills - Global issues
    1. Global Issues Discussions: Cultivating Conversational Skills for 21st Century Citizens, Christopher Miller, South Korea
    2. Social Justice in ESL/EFL Curricula: A Case Study in Korea, Michael Brandon, South Korea
    3. Speaking of Freedom in South Korea, Jonny Bahk-Halberg, South Korea
    4. Peace Linguistics: Contributions of Peacelinguactivist Francisco Gomes de Matos, Jocelyn Wright, South Korea
  12. Lesson Ideas
    1. Switching Voices, Jema Abbate, South Korea
    2. A Writing Lesson Using Korean Poetry: Sijo, Michael Free, Canada/ South Korea
    3. The Magic Millstone – Learning a Korean Folk Tale from KC, David Heathfield, UK
    4. What Do Little Boys Want for Christmas?, Jamie Keddie, Spain
  13. Golden Classics
    1. Let the Blocks Tumble: Jenga in the ESL Classroom, Using a Classic, Computer-free Game to Strengthen Student Speaking Skills, Justin D. Harrison, South Korea
  14. The Creativity Group
    1. Sunkeshari Rani: Sharing and Growing Together with Storytelling, David Heathfield, UK and Sikha Gurung, Nepal
  15. Voices
    1. ELT in Korean Primary Schools: Three Common Methods, Yoo Jimin, South Korea and John Breckenfeld, USA
    2. Korean English Language Education: My Experience Learning English, Minjeong Namkung, South Korea
    3. When Experience Is Silenced..., Quinton Stephen, South Korea
    4. Native or Second Language Speakers, It Makes No Difference, Lyman McLallen, USA
    5. How to Motivate Lower-level Students in Korean EFL Context, Kyungsook Kim, South Korea
  16. Publications
    1. The Elements of Language Curriculum: A Systematic Approach to Program Development by James Dean Brown, reviwed by Todd Hull, South Korea
    2. Short Book Reviews, Hanna Kryszewska, Poland
    3. Putting the Human Centre Stage  by Mark Almond, reviewed by Mario Rinvolucri
    4. Tune into English, Fergal Kavanagh, Italy
    5. News from Delta Publishing
    6. New Titles form Crown House Publishing
  17. Humour
    1. Dear Korea: Never Surrender, Jen Lee, United Arab Emirates
  18. Poems
    1. Pride-less, Joseph D. Stec, US
    2. Elegy, Michael Free, South Korea
  19. To the Editor
  20. Our Partners
  21. Contributor’s Guidelines